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Spring and Autumn, Wan Jie Chunqiu, Wanjie Chunqiu, 万界春秋, Wan Jie Chun Qiu
Genres: Action, Historical, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Magic, Martial Arts
Rating: 6.52 (262)
Episodes: 56
Ye Chen, who is an ancient god, has fallen from the world of the gods to the world of the blue world. Here, hundreds of thousands of countries are standing, and the heroes are fighting for hegemony. Ye Chen has been in this pale blue world for hundreds of years and has established a huge force. In Baizhou Qianguo, the existence of Ye Chen has always been a legend. But the power from the world of the gods slowly extended to the blue world, and a cruel dragon battle is about to begin. In the capital city of Nanzhou, the first battle of Tianbei State, Hong Xu and the Wulong two men of Nanzhou Shuangyuemen Gate competed outside the Huashen Palace, but they were defeated in the hands of Su Xiaoxiao, the group leader of the Huashen Palace. The Northern Army emerged in the eastern part of southern South China and wanted to break South. The defender will disregard the safety of the people of Nanzhou and the hurricane, and intends to open the city gate to surrender

(Source: Narul Donghua)


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
56Episode 5614-10-2020
55Episode 5511-10-2020
54Episode 5407-10-2020
53Episode 5304-10-2020
52Episode 5230-09-2020
51Episode 5127-09-2020
50Episode 5023-09-2020
49Episode 4920-09-2020
48Episode 4816-09-2020
47Episode 4713-09-2020
46Episode 4609-09-2020
45Episode 4506-09-2020
44Episode 4402-09-2020
43Episode 4330-08-2020
42Episode 4226-08-2020
41Episode 4123-08-2020
40Episode 4019-08-2020
39Episode 3916-08-2020
38Episode 3812-08-2020
37Episode 3709-08-2020
36Episode 3605-08-2020
35Episode 3502-08-2020
34Episode 3429-07-2020
33Episode 3326-07-2020
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