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umimono, قصة البحر, うみものがたり ~あなたがいてくれたコト~, 海物语, Deniz Hikayesi, Umi Monogatari, うみものがたり ~あなたがいてくれたコト~, 海之物語~您想要訴說的東西~, Umi Monogatari: Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto
Genres: Drama, Supernatural, Romance, Fantasy, Magic
Rating: 6.65 (5,556)
Episodes: 12
Marin and her younger sister Urin are seafolk who happen upon something quite strange: a beautiful silver ring lost beneath the waves. The kind-hearted Marin, intent on returning it to its owner, drags a reluctant Urin along with her to the sky world despite reminders of a turtle elder who left for the surface and never returned. After locating the ring's owner, Kanon Miyamori, they learn that Kanon had tossed it into the sea after her boyfriend dumped her earlier that day.

Though Marin insists that such a lovely item should not be thrown away, Kanon discards it once again. As they search for the ring, Urin becomes separated from the other two and accidently breaks the seal on a stone coffin, releasing an evil being known as Sedna. Sensing Sedna's release, the formerly missing turtle elder, Matsumoto, reveals himself to Kanon and her companions, naming Marin as the Priestess of the Sea. Together with the Priestess of the Sky, she has the power to seal Sedna away again. And as luck would have it, during an encounter with one of Sedna's minions, Kanon discovers that she is the Priestess of the Sky. Though Kanon is hesitant, she and Marin decide to work together to save the world from the evil that threatens it.

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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S1Faithful Hearts26-03-2010
S5Marin`s "What`s This?" - Maid24-02-2010
S4Marin`s "What`s This?" - Pajamas27-01-2010
S3Marin`s "What`s This?" - Uniform23-12-2009
S2Marin`s "What`s This?" - Apron22-11-2009
S18Amamikoshima with Kanon: The Weather`s Great on Amamikoshima Today25-09-2009
12Heart of the Island, Heart of the People17-09-2009
S17Amamikoshima with Kanon: Kanon, Suzuki, and Ooshima - A Day at Age 516-09-2009
11Heart of Light, Heart of Darkness10-09-2009
S16Amamikoshima with Kanon: Kanon`s Venting Spot09-09-2009
10The Heart That Falls Silent03-09-2009
S15Amamikoshima with Kanon: Let`s Go to the Ocean with Marin02-09-2009
9The Heart That Loves27-08-2009
S14Amamikoshima with Kanon: This Is Ichikawa the Turtle26-08-2009
8Hearts That Need One Another13-08-2009
S13Amamikoshima with Kanon: Summer Is All About the Ocean!12-08-2009
7The Heart That Grows Distant06-08-2009
S12Amamikoshima with Kanon: Ooshima - The Woman`s One Straight Road05-08-2009
6The Heart That Succumbs30-07-2009
S11Amamikoshima with Kanon: Eh? Coming to My House? Seriously?29-07-2009
5The Heart That Obscures the Light23-07-2009
S10Amamikoshima with Kanon: Kanon`s Treasure Spot!22-07-2009
4The Heart That Is Tested16-07-2009
S9Amamikoshima with Kanon: It`s Suzuki Today, Not Kanon15-07-2009
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