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The Law of Ueki

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A Lei do Ueki, La ley de Ueki, La llei de Ueki, La loi d`Ueki, Law of Ueki, TLoU, The Law of Ueki, UnH, ueki, ueki tv, Закон Уэки, Законът на Уеки, うえきのほうそく, うえきの法則, Ueki no Housoku
Genres: Drama, Shounen, Supernatural, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Super Power
Rating: 7.77 (38,326)
Episodes: 51
Unbeknownst to most humans, a bizarre tournament is held to decide the next ruler of the Heavenly World. In this tournament, 100 Heavenly Beings known as the "God Candidates" are required to search among the middle school students on Earth, and transfer their powers to a student of their choice. The chosen ones will then battle each other, representing their God Candidates. The victor of this tournament will be awarded the "Blank Talent"—allowing them to choose any one unique ability they so desire—while the God Candidate they represent will obtain the position of "God" and become the king of the Heavenly World.

Participating in this grand tournament is Kousuke Ueki, a middle school student who is given the power to turn trash into trees by his homeroom teacher, Kobayashi. Despite the concerns of his classmate, Ai Mori, Ueki embarks on a journey to pursue his own sense of justice after witnessing the people around him misusing their powers for selfish purposes. But as he encounters talented power users such as Seiichirou Sano, Rinko Jerrard, Robert Haydn, and Hideyoshi Soya, he realizes that achieving his goal might be harder than it seems.

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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
51The Law of Null Zai27-03-2006
50The Law of Ueki vs Anon20-03-2006
49The Law of the Ten Stars13-03-2006
48The Law of Round Four06-03-2006
47The Law of Anon Who Became God27-02-2006
46The Law of God, a Girl and the Future!20-02-2006
45The Law of Attacks from the Past06-02-2006
44The Law of Ueki Level 2!30-01-2006
43The Law of Goodie-Two-Shoes Pose23-01-2006
42The Law of Ballow Team16-01-2006
41The Law of the Real Thing and the Imposter09-01-2006
40The Law of the Wonderful Mori Ai02-01-2006
39The Law of the Closed Heart!26-12-2005
38The Law of Sano`s Awakening19-12-2005
37The Law of the Sacred Treasure`s Weak Spots12-12-2005
36The Law of Proof of Companionship05-12-2005
35The Law of YOU TRICKED ME!28-11-2005
34The Law of Marilyn Team21-11-2005
33Clash! The Law of Ueki vs Rihou!14-11-2005
32The Law of Real Strength!07-11-2005
31The Law of the Ultimate Tag Team31-10-2005
30The Law of the Third Battle24-10-2005
29Don`t Die! Tenko`s Law17-10-2005
28The Law of the Sun House10-10-2005
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