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TV Yarou Nanana: Wakuwaku Doukutsu Land, Wacky TV Nanana S2, テレビ野郎 ナナーナ わくわく洞窟ランド, Wacky TV Na Na Na: Exciting Caveland
Genres: Adventure, Comedy
Rating: 6.12 (333)
Episodes: 24
After the TV station gets acquired by "Nanazon Prime Video," departments that don't get high ratings will be restructured (aka fired). The shooting crew takes on a large-scale plan for their survival. The Banakawa Family was an extremely wealthy family in the Edo period but their gold was hidden somewhere in a cave (that even the surviving members of the Banakawa Family can't find). So the crew's program will feature them exploring the underground world in search of this hidden treasure that so far major TV station networks with big budgets could not find.
PrequelTV Yarou Nanana TV Series
SequelTV Yarou Nanana: Kaibutsu Kraken o Oe! TV Series


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
24Dismissed! The TV Nanana Expedition Crew19-09-2019
23Collapse! In the Giant Cave12-09-2019
22Clash! Holy Beast VS Pro Wrestler05-09-2019
21Blaze On! Macho Dragon29-08-2019
20Intrusion! Annoying Amateurs22-08-2019
19Infiltration! The Giant Tower15-08-2019
18Astonishment! The AD with the Super Skill08-08-2019
17Rebellion! Against the Mechanical Shogun01-08-2019
16Thrills! Stormy Clouds Over Banagawa Castle25-07-2019
15Glorious! The Kunoichi Dances18-07-2019
14Tragedy! Death of a TV Crew11-07-2019
13Arrival! Phantoms of The Banagawa Shogunate04-07-2019
12Out of Control! The Subterranean Railway27-06-2019
11Danger! The Freezing Ice Cavern20-06-2019
10Onslaught! A Dark, Terrifying Enemy13-06-2019
9Onward! Nanaoka`s Expedition Crew06-06-2019
8Lonely! The Cave Gourmet30-05-2019
7A Fixed Price! On-Demand Foreign TV23-05-2019
6Salvation! Meeting Someone in Showbiz16-05-2019
5Cunning? Traps Set by the Bakufu09-05-2019
4Obsession! The Actor Who Didn`t Know When to Stop02-05-2019
3Excavation! The Mountain with Legendary Gold25-04-2019
2Top Secret! Mission Impossible18-04-2019
1Wacky TV, Bought Out!11-04-2019

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