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דמעות אמיתיות, دموع صادقة, Gerçek Gözyaşları, Lacrimi Adevarate, Szczere łzy, Tikros ašaros, Искрени сълзи, Настоящие слёзы, Щирі сльози, トゥルーティアーズ, トゥルーティアーズ The Animation, 真实之泪, True Tears
Genres: Drama, School, Romance
Rating: 7.38 (85,286)
Episodes: 13
Living under the same roof with the girl he has a crush on should be a dream for Shinichirou Nakagami, but the reality is closer to a nightmare. At school, Hiromi is bright, academically successful, athletic, and popular. But at home, Hiromi is a completely different person; she's cold, distant, and encased in the protective shell she's erected around herself after a painful childhood.

At school, a strange girl named Isurugi Noe suddenly takes an interest in Shinichirou. Noe loves the school's chickens, especially Raigomaru, who she's convinced can fly. Thus begins a strange relationship where Shinichirou helps Noe resolve her problems, even as he tries to figure out his own feelings about Noe, Hiromi, and his childhood friend, Andou Aiko. All the while Shinichirou is also trying to find the key to unlock Hiromi's heart, and to finish the children's picture book he's been writing. Surprisingly, it's Noe who proves critical to both...
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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S8DVD7 Special26-09-2008
S7DVD6 Special22-08-2008
S6DVD5 Special25-07-2008
S5DVD4 Special25-06-2008
S4DVD3 Special23-05-2008
S3DVD2 Special25-04-2008
13Your Tears30-03-2008
S2DVD1 Special25-03-2008
12From My Unseeing Eyes23-03-2008
11It`s Not Me Whom You Love16-03-2008
10I`ll Do Everything Right09-03-2008
9Can`t Quite Seem to Fly02-03-2008
8A Town with No Snow24-02-2008
7Say It Clearly, Write It Here17-02-2008
6Is... That a Joke?10-02-2008
5Nosy Boys Are Annoying03-02-2008
4Okay, Blink27-01-2008
3What About What We Talked About?20-01-2008
2What... Do I Want to Do?13-01-2008
1I... Gave My Tears Away06-01-2008
S11Real-world location tour
S10Interview with the cast
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