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斗牌传说, 투패전설 아카기, Akagi, Mahjong Legend Akagi: The Genius Who Descended Into the Darkness, The Legend of Mahjong: Akagi, Акаги, легенда маджонга, アカギ, 闘牌伝説アカギ 闇に舞い降りた天才, Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai, 闘牌伝説アカギ 闇に舞い降りた天才
Genres: Psychological, Seinen, Thriller, Game
Rating: 7.95 (33,952)
Episodes: 26
While mahjong is a game that is often played with family and friends, it is also a game that is played in the darkest corners of society. Nangou is a compulsive gambler who has accumulated debt over three million yen. In a last ditch attempt to clear his record, he decides to wager his life on a game of mahjong with the mafia. Unfortunately, as the game progresses, Nangou only moves further from the prize and closer to death.

When all hope seems lost, the game parlor is suddenly intruded upon by Shigeru Akagi, a young boy on the run from the police. Desperate to turn the game around, Nangou hands the game over to Akagi after teaching him a few of the rules. The mafia can only smirk as Akagi sits down to play. However, they soon come to learn that Akagi is a natural-born gambler. An imposing figure who does not fear death. One who is destined to become a legend.

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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
26Madness, Darkness, and...29-03-2006
25The Temptation of Murderous Intent22-03-2006
24The Will of the Demons15-03-2006
23The Power of Luck08-03-2006
22The Contrived Shackles01-03-2006
21A Ray of Fantasy22-02-2006
20Hope and Folly15-02-2006
19The Bewilderment of the Demon08-02-2006
18The Chains of the Tiles01-02-2006
17Proof of Genius25-01-2006
16The Mahjong Game of Destruction18-01-2006
14The New Chapter of the Demons04-01-2006
13The Path of the Storm04-01-2006
12The Magic of Coincidence21-12-2005
11The Groundwork of Despair14-12-2005
10The Announcement of the Counterattack07-12-2005
9The Authenticity of Genius30-11-2005
8The Sign of Rebirth23-11-2005
7An Innocent Demon16-11-2005
6The Talent of the Villain09-11-2005
5Treacherous Tse Ii Men02-11-2005
4The True Pariah26-10-2005
3A Heresy Tactic19-10-2005
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