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top2, Diebuster, Zirveyi Hedefle 2! NihaiAvcı, Дайбастер: дотянись до неба - 2!, Дотянись до неба 2, กันบัสเตอร์ 2: ไดบัสเตอร์, Aim for the Top! Gunbuster 2, Punta al top 2! Diebuster, Top o Nerae! 2, トップをねらえ2! DIEBUSTER, 톱을 노려라! 다이버스터, Top o Nerae 2! Diebuster, Top wo Nerae! 2
Genres: Drama, Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Mecha, Space
Rating: 7.68 (29,876)
Episodes: 6
Generations have passed since the war with the Space Monsters started, and none remain who know how it began, with even records of those times being scarce. It is a lost cause, but humanity still fights against them, relying on the "Topless": a group of elite space pilots with special powers that allow them to use the Buster Machines—the last hope against the Space Monsters.

Nono, a girl from a remote Martian town, has heard tales all her life of the legendary pilot "Nono-Riri," and wants nothing more than to leave her humble life behind and follow in the footsteps of her idol. Though she has no idea of the dangers that lie ahead, nothing will stop her from achieving her dream. While Nono is down on her luck, she chances upon the lonesome Topless pilot Lal'C Melk Mark, and decides to stake her entire future on following Lal'C, no matter the cost.

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PrequelTop o Nerae! Gunbuster
SummaryTop o Nerae 2! Gekijouban Movie
SequelTop o Nerae 3
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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
6The Story of Your Life19-08-2006
5Mover of Planets24-03-2006
4Resurrection!! The Legendary Buster Machine!28-10-2005
3I Hate the Topless12-06-2005
2I Don`t Want to Be an Onee-sama24-02-2005
1Please, Let Me Call You Onee-sama!03-10-2004
S1Science Course 01
S3Science Course 03
S2Science Course 02

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