Taiho Shichau zo: Full Throttle

You're Under Arrest: Full Throttle

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Genres: Police, Shounen, Action, Comedy
Rating: 7.22 (2,456)
Episodes: 23
Miyuki Kobayakawa, fresh from forensics training in the United States and Natsumi Tsujimoto, from completing Japanese Self-Defense Force (JSDF) ranger training return in the long-awaited 3rd season of the highly popular series. This time, the duo rejoins active duty at Bokuto Police Department, fighting against crime using their wits and brawn, plus having some misadventures along the way.

(Source: ANN)
PrequelTaiho Shichau zo: Second Season TV Series
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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S1The Place Where We Belong22-08-2008
23We`re Going to Arrest You!28-03-2008
22Vigilante Racer: Part 221-03-2008
21Vigilante Racer: Part 114-03-2008
20Bokuto Police Station: In Memory of an Innocent Love07-03-2008
19Business As Usual on the Bokuto Front29-02-2008
18Three Policewomen in an All-Out Dash Along the Beach!15-02-2008
17Natsumi Tsujimoto`s Dream-Like Day08-02-2008
16Protect the Charity Event01-02-2008
1524 Hours with the Bokuto Police Office!25-01-2008
14Ten Thousand Suspects18-01-2008
13Identity Revealed! The Great Unmasking11-01-2008
12Finally, a Reality! A Dream Match!21-12-2007
11To the Most Important Person in the World14-12-2007
10A Sudden Outbreak of Robots07-12-2007
9Yoriko Nikaido, Bachelorette30-11-2007
8Chief Has an Illegitimate Child?! A Dangerous Picnic23-11-2007
7The Taxi Robber16-11-2007
6Aoi Becomes a Man!?09-11-2007
5There`s a Baby Locked in the Car!02-11-2007
4Snake Panic at Bokuto Police Station26-10-2007
3The Powerful, No-Parking Wrestler19-10-2007
2The Blue-Eyed Samurai12-10-2007

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