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Spider Riders, スパイダーライダーズ ~オラクルの勇者たち~, Spider Riders: Oracle no Yuusha-tachi, Spider Riders: Oracle no Yuusha Tachi, Spider Riders: The Heroes of Oracle, すぱいだーらいだーずおらくるのゆうしゃたち, スパイダーライダーズ ~オラクルの勇者たち~
Genres: Action, Adventure, Mecha
Rating: 6.61 (2,813)
Episodes: 26
Underneath the surface of the Earth lies the Inner World, a realm where a war rages on between intelligent spiders and the invading humanoid insects known as Insectors. However, the spiders are not alone, as "Spider Riders"—humans from the Outer World, known as Earthens in the Inner World, that are chosen by the Oracle—fight alongside them. Filled with wondrous tales of a mysterious pyramid and entrusted with his grandfather's journal, a young boy called Hunter Steele sets out on an exploration. There, his destined meeting with the Oracle occurs, and he is transported into the Inner World as a Spider Rider.

Finding himself lost and confused in the middle of a forest, Hunter crosses paths with a giant spider named Shadow. Although reluctant, Shadow agrees to fight by his side. He then meets Corona—a skilled Spider Hunter and kind girl with a penchant for normal life. She shows him the ropes of being a Spider Rider, and educates him about the fate of the Inner World if the Insectors continue their tyrannical reign.

Thus begins the story of Hunter Steele, a heedless young boy on a quest to save the Inner World. But his task of retrieving the four Oracle Keys holding the Oracle's true power will lead him to an ultimate clash against Mantid, leader of the Insectors.

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SequelSpider Riders: Yomigaeru Taiyou TV Series


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
26Action In Arachna27-09-2006
25Big Bug20-09-2006
24Key to the City13-09-2006
23Dark World06-09-2006
22Wages of War30-08-2006
21Because I`m a Warrior23-08-2006
20Hero Act16-08-2006
19Lumen`s Love09-08-2006
17Return of a Friend26-07-2006
16Corona`s Homecoming19-07-2006
15Ghost Spider12-07-2006
14Stag`s Challenge05-07-2006
13A New Power28-06-2006
12Keys To Destruction21-06-2006
11Deadly Distraction14-06-2006
10The Mask of Aqune07-06-2006
9Hunter`s Holiday31-05-2006
8The Wandering Warrior24-05-2006
7Princely Power17-05-2006
6Spider Rider`s Ball10-05-2006
5Memories of Champions03-05-2006
4Smells like Team Spider26-04-2006
1Inner World25-03-2006
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