Soukou Kyuujo Butai Restol

RESTOL, The Full-Armed Rescue Squad


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Armored Rescue Team Restol, RESTOL, RESTOL SRS, RESTOL, The Full-Armed Rescue Squad, RESTOL, The Special Rescue Squad, Restol: The Full-Armed Rescue Squad, Soukou Kyuujo Butai RESTOL, Soukou Kyuujo Butai Resto, Soukou Kyuujo Butai Restol, The Special Rescue Squad, 装甲救助部隊レストル, 레스톨 특수 구조대, Restol: Teugsu Gujo Dae, RESTOL: Special Rescue Team, Restol, Restol, The Special Rescue Squad, Restol: Special Rescue Team, רסטול
Genres: Police, Action, Adventure, Mecha
Rating: 6.3 (118)
Episodes: 26
It is the year 2035, a world filled with advanced science and technology, sophisticated computer systems, audio/video multimedia converstions,world government unification, network wars by hackers, and the future world controlled by one huge multinational company. A 14-year old named Kang Maru, a boy with excellent manuevering skills in a RESTOL simulation game, was chosen by GEONOID, a company with the task of protecting the earth against natural calamities, to pilot RESTOL 03, one of the 5 RESTOLs, to rescue people in different calamities. Now, he and his teammates faces different challenges in their duty, including being hacked their space-based rescue station R-SAT.


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
26Episode 2604-04-2000
25Episode 2528-03-2000
24Episode 2421-03-2000
23Episode 2314-03-2000
22Episode 2207-03-2000
21Episode 2129-02-2000
20Episode 2022-02-2000
19Episode 1915-02-2000
18Episode 1808-02-2000
17Episode 1701-02-2000
16Episode 1625-01-2000
15Episode 1518-01-2000
14Episode 1411-01-2000
13Episode 1304-01-2000
12Episode 1228-12-1999
11Episode 1121-12-1999
10Episode 1014-12-1999
9Episode 907-12-1999
8Episode 830-11-1999
7Episode 716-11-1999
6Episode 609-11-1999
5Episode 502-11-1999
4Episode 426-10-1999
3Episode 319-10-1999
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[WuykSubs] RESTOL Special Rescue Squad [레스톨 특수구조대] (1999) 1-26
1.6 GiB2020-03-111-112
RESTOL - Special Rescue Team (Restol, Teugsu Gujo Dae) TV 01-02 [ARR]
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