Soredemo Machi wa Mawatte Iru

And Yet The Town Moves

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And Yet The Town Moves, And Yet the Town Moves, SoreMachi, Yet the Town Keeps Going, Yet the Town Turns, それでもまちはまわっている, それでも町は廻っている, それ町, 女仆咖啡厅, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatte Iru
Genres: Seinen, Slice of Life, Comedy
Rating: 7.45 (17,500)
Episodes: 12
Hotori Arashiyama loves mysteries, but there's one she just can't solve: why does the solution to one problem inevitably seem to lead to another? Like how when Hotori has to start working at the Seaside Maid Cafe after school to pay off a debt and her friend Toshiko fortunately knows exactly how a Maid Cafe should be run. Which is fortunate since Hotori has no clue. Except that, unfortunately, Toshiko has no interest in working at the cafe—until she discovers that Hotori's childhood friend Hiroyuki is a regular. Which SEEMS fortunate. Except that Hotori doesn't know that, while Toshiko likes Hiroyuki, Hiroyuki secretly likes Hotori, while Hotori secretly has a crush on... No, no more spoilers!

But if that's not enough drama, there's work, angst with a certain math teacher, table tennis between her classmates, her younger brother versus the school's bad girl... And yet, even though everything seems like it's going to crash at any moment, somehow Hotori's life keeps going hilariously forward.

(Source: Sentai Filmworks)
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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S10Omigawa Chiaki`s Chia-Stroll (Complete Edition)15-06-2011
S9And Yet The Camera Moves #815-06-2011
S7And Yet The Camera Moves #618-05-2011
S8And Yet The Camera Moves #718-05-2011
S6And Yet The Camera Moves #516-03-2011
S4And Yet The Camera Moves #325-02-2011
S5And Yet The Camera Moves #425-02-2011
S3And Yet The Camera Moves #228-01-2011
S2And Yet The Camera Moves #128-01-2011
12Sore Machi...24-12-2010
S1And Yet The Camera Moves #024-12-2010
11Kon`s Summer of Tears17-12-2010
10The Finger-Pointing Geriatric10-12-2010
9The Clash of the Buytans03-12-2010
8The Fully Automated Orchestra26-11-2010
7The Lovers` Midnight Dash19-11-2010
6The Pandora Maid Service12-11-2010
5The Amazingly Strange Toshiko Tatsuno05-11-2010
4The Cursed Equation29-10-2010
3The Cat Boy22-10-2010
2The Sexual Harassment Lawsuit15-10-2010
1The Fortune Cafe08-10-2010

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