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Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings 2

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Sengoku Basara Two, せんごくばさらつー, 战国BASARA 贰, 戦国BASARA 弐, 戦国BASARA弐, Sengoku Basara Ni, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings 2, 战国BASARA 2
Genres: Action, Historical, Samurai, Super Power, Martial Arts
Rating: 7.58 (27,850)
Episodes: 12
The deadly confrontation with the Devil King, Oda Nobunaga is over, but the struggle for supremacy continues in Warring Countries-era Japan, as the armies of Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin repeatedly engage battle at Kawanakajima.

Meanwhile, on the easternmost side of the battlefield, two outstanding characters bound by destiny—one clad in azure and the other in crimson—are about to clash in a long-awaited, decisive duel.

Then a sudden dispatch informs that a huge army has surrounded the forces of Takeda, Uesugi and Date at Kakanakajima. Their leader is Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the man who inherited Nobunaga's dreams and ambitions, and who is now going to bring havoc over Japan once again!

(Source: Production I.G)
PrequelSengoku Basara TV Series
SequelGekijouban Sengoku Basara: The Last Party Movie

Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S1Dragon and Tiger: Oath of Victory! Souls Racing Towards a Blazing Future!!06-04-2011
12Azure and Crimson Do-or-Die Battle! To the Sound of the Breeze at the End of the Fierce Struggle!26-09-2010
11Toyotomi`s Great Main Army Dashes for Supremacy! Earnest Keiji Draws Sword in Heartbreak!19-09-2010
10The Young Tiger Restored! The Great Fortress Rebuilt: The Menace of the Sun Heads East!12-09-2010
9Dragon and Ogre: Clash and Roar in Owari! The Combined Force of Date and Chosokabe05-09-2010
8A Sad Reunion with a Friend: Memory of the Day Etched with Blinding Obsession29-08-2010
7To the Southernmost Land of Satsuma! A New Encounter as a Man for Yukimura!!22-08-2010
6The Menacing Toyotomi-Mori Alliance! The Powerful Fist of Supremacy Cleaves the Sea!15-08-2010
5Engraved Pledge! The One-Eyed Dragon vs. the War God: Confrontation at Hitotoribashi!08-08-2010
4The Ghost of Azuchi Castle?! The Lamentation and Howl of Evil That Assail Yukimura!01-08-2010
3Keiji vs. Toshiie! Tedorigawa Choked with Unequivocal Ideals!25-07-2010
2The Lost Right Eye: The Dragon`s Back Rent Asunder!18-07-2010
1Troubled Times Once Again! Advent of the Great Cataclysmic Warlord, Toyotomi Hideyoshi!11-07-2010
S2Tsukiyo no Katakura-kun 1 - Harvest
S3Tsukiyo no Katakura-kun 2 - Delusion
S4Tsukiyo no Katakura-kun 3 - Precision
S5Tsukiyo no Katakura-kun 4 - Outwitted
S6Tsukiyo no Katakura-kun 5 - Crash Landing
S7Tsukiyo no Katakura-kun 6 - Showdown
S8Tsukiyo no Katakura-kun 7 - They Return

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