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SR2, School Rumble 2nd Semester, sukuran 2, sukuran2, Школьный переполох - второй семестр, سكول رمبل الفصل الثاني, สูตรรักฉบับนักเรียน เทอม 2, 校園迷糊大王 二學期, School Rumble Ni Gakki, School Rumble Second Term, School Rumble: 2nd Semester, School Rumble - Semester 2, School Rumble 2, スクールランブル 二学期, 喧嚣学园 第二学期, SRN, School Rumble - Saison 2, School Rumble 2nd Term
Genres: Shounen, School, Romance, Comedy
Rating: 🔥 8.04 (76,423)
Episodes: 26
Continuing right where season 1 left off: Harima still likes Tenma but still runs into obstacles everytime he tries to confess his love to her. To complicate the situation, Class 2-D challenges class 2-C once again and there's a rumor floating around that Harima and Yakumo are dating as the school prepares for the cultural festival.

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PrequelSchool Rumble TV Series
PrequelSchool Rumble: Ichi Gakki Hoshuu OVA
SequelSchool Rumble San Gakki OVA
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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
25It`s So Romantic, Harima! / Get Published in Zinegama, Harima! / Come On, Harima!18-09-2006
24Southern Rainbow 2-C! / Ya`akumo of the Mysterious Island! / The Seven Seas!11-09-2006
23Dream Jumbo. / Dream Jump. / Dream, uh, Press.04-09-2006
22First Dreams. / Lion`s Dance. / New Year`s.28-08-2006
20More Than Friends... / Less Than Lovers... / Up Until Then...21-08-2006
21This Is School Rumble... / It Really Is School Rumble... / It`s School Rumble, I Tell You!21-08-2006
19Here, There and Everywhere, Christmas! / A Dash for Christmas! / A Shattered Christmas!14-08-2006
18The Sweet Trap of Work / The Sweet Trap of the Classroom / The Sweet Trap of Celebrity07-08-2006
17Eri`s Escape / Harima`s Lullaby / The False Bride31-07-2006
16I Don`t Want to Be Tied to Anyone / I Don`t Want to Go to School or Home Anymore / Under the Dark Veil of Night24-07-2006
15A Man Shut Out / A Man Left Out / A Man Tested Out17-07-2006
14At El Cado... / In America (26f)... / With America (26h)...10-07-2006
13When I Turned Around, There He Was. / In Karasuma`s Name. / All Mysteries Revealed!03-07-2006
12Perfect, Forbidden! / Entry, Forbidden! / Shorts, Forbidden!26-06-2006
11Napoleon, Between Life and Death... / Nishimoto, Between Sex and Self Control... / Sara, Between Saintliness and Self...19-06-2006
10Hee! / Hee Hee! / Hee Hee Hee!12-06-2006
9Pass! / Dribble! / Shoot!29-05-2006
8Bam * Birth of a Girls` Basketball Club! / Bam * If You Please! / Bam * Swing Set of Tears!22-05-2006
7Fight, Hunter! / Fight, Eater! / Fight, Part-Time Worker!15-05-2006
6Sleeping Beast / Kiss Impossible / Finale08-05-2006
5Hostesses Are Culture! / Comics Are Culture! / Cake Is Also Culture!01-05-2006
4Wild Ideas About the Play! / Wild Ideas at the Bathhouse! / Wild Ideas About Rice Balls!24-04-2006
3Beautiful Beast vs. Beautiful Beast! / God of War vs. God of Warfare! / Teacher vs. Student!17-04-2006
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