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The Story of Saiunkoku

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CcP, Colorcloud Palace, ColourCloud Palace, Colourcloud Palace, Kokumono, Saiun, Story of the Land of Many-Colored Clouds, Tale of Saiunkoku, The Story of Saiunkoku, The Tale of Saiun Country, The Tale of the Luminous Cloud Palace, ToS, saimono, Приказка за страната на многоцветните облаци, 彩云国物语, Saiunkoku Monogatari
Genres: Drama, Historical, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Rating: 7.95 (27,831)
Episodes: 39
Most people think being born into a noble family means a life of comfort and wealth. That couldn't be further from the truth for Shuurei Kou. Despite the Kou family being an old and important bloodline, they've fallen on hard times. Shuurei's father works as an archivist in the Imperial library, which is a prestigious position, but unfortunately not one that pays much. To put food on the table, Shuurei works odd jobs such as teaching young children or playing live music in a restaurant―and even then, it's barely enough.

Then, one day, a court advisor makes Shuurei an offer. If she becomes the concubine of the new, but lazy, emperor and teaches him how to become a good ruler, then she will receive 500 pieces of gold. Never one to turn down good money, Shuurei accepts the proposition. After all, the new emperor only prefers men so her virtue is safe… or so she thinks.

The more time she spends in the palace, the more her old dream of becoming a court official is reignited. There's only one problem: she's a woman and women do not become government officials. Shuurei may be able to turn the emperor into a good ruler, but will it be at the expense of her own aspirations?
SequelSaiunkoku Monogatari 2nd Series TV Series


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
39Fate is an Inscrutable and Interesting Thing24-02-2007
38There is No Today After Today17-02-2007
37Tears Fall Like Rain from Heaven10-02-2007
36All is Right in the World03-02-2007
35Meeting is the Beginning of Parting27-01-2007
34Poison Gets the Better of Poison20-01-2007
33Water Can`t Be Returned to the Basin13-01-2007
32A Woman`s Word is Her Bond06-01-2007
31A Diamond in the Rough23-12-2006
30A Woman`s Courage16-12-2006
29Many Years` Worth of Thoughts in a Single Day09-12-2006
S3Saiunkoku Monogatari Guest Talk Special02-12-2006
28Fear is Often Worse Than the Danger Itself25-11-2006
27The Prettier the Flower, the Higher the Branch18-11-2006
26The Raven of Darkness28-10-2006
25An Accidental Resemblance21-10-2006
24Water Poured on a Sleeping Ear14-10-2006
23In Travelling, What is Wanted is a Companion07-10-2006
22Where There is Life, There is Hope30-09-2006
21The Wise Know When to Approach Danger23-09-2006
20Flowers Blooming from Dead Wood16-09-2006
19If You Love Your Daughter, Let Her Go On a Journey09-09-2006
18Covering Your Head and Leaving Your Bottom Exposed02-09-2006
17Poking a Bush Draws Out a Snake26-08-2006
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