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PP, PriPri, PuriPuri, pripri, الأميرة الأميرة, 公主 公主, Princess Princess
Genres: Drama, School, Shoujo, Comedy
Rating: 7.03 (24,667)
Episodes: 12
Tooru Kouno's attractive appearance draws unexpected attention on his first day at an all-boys school. Having to transfer to a school without girls has been bad enough, but adding to his list of frustrations are boys staring at him all day long. However, he hopes that there may be girls around, since he ran into a lovely pink-haired girl on campus earlier that day.

After being escorted to his dorm by his classmate, Yuujirou Shihoudani, he meets a student named Mikoto Yutaka, who looks eerily similar to the girl he saw previously. To his shock, he realizes Mikoto is the girl and confronts him about this revelation. Yuujirou divulges that he and Mikoto crossdress as part of their job: a school tradition in which attractive first years are chosen as idols called "Princesses" in order to boost the morale of the students—and because of his looks, Tooru has been chosen by the student council as their third Princess!

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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S12Bonus Footage 12: Prince Forever 220-12-2006
S11Bonus Footage 11: Prince Forever 120-12-2006
S10Bonus Footage 10: Prince`s Service15-11-2006
S9Bonus Footage 915-11-2006
S8Bonus Footage 818-10-2006
S7Bonus Footage 718-10-2006
S6Bonus Footage 620-09-2006
S5Bonus Footage 5: The Road to Being a Prince20-09-2006
S4Bonus Footage 4: Prince`s Advice 218-08-2006
S3Bonus Footage 3: Prince`s Advice 118-08-2006
S2Bonus Footage 219-07-2006
S1Bonus Footage 119-07-2006
12The Path a Princess Chooses22-06-2006
11Secret Past15-06-2006
10Lovers` Time08-06-2006
9The School Festival Starts!01-06-2006
8The Princesses` Existence Endangered!?25-05-2006
7Chorus Concert with Sweat and Tears18-05-2006
6Sakamoto`s Family Secret11-05-2006
5Stalked Princesses04-05-2006
4Yuujirou`s Past27-04-2006
31st Job, Princess Cheerleader20-04-2006
2Birth of the Princess13-04-2006
1Princess of the Boys` School06-04-2006

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