Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes! Season 2 - Decolora Adventure

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Kids
Rating: 6.55 (2,413)
Episodes: 1
Iris vs Ibuki! The Road to Become a Dragon Master!! is the second spin off of the Best Wishes series of the Pokémon anime.

(Source: Bulbapedia)
PrequelPocket Monsters: Best Wishes! Season 2 - Episode N TV Series
SequelPocket Monsters XY TV Series


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S2Iris VS Ibuki! The Road to Dragon Master!!27-03-2014
S1Dent and Takeshi! Gyarados` Outrage!!03-10-2013
20The Dream Continues!26-09-2013
19Best Wishes Until We Meet Again!19-09-2013
18Survival of the Striaton Gym!12-09-2013
17Team Rocket`s Shocking Recruit!05-09-2013
16Go, Go, Gogoat!22-08-2013
15Celebrating the Hero`s Comet!15-08-2013
14A Pokemon of a Different Color!01-08-2013
13Mystery on a Deserted Island!25-07-2013
12The Journalist from Another Region!18-07-2013
11Capacia Island UFO!04-07-2013
10Searching for a Wish!27-06-2013
9The Path That Leads to Goodbye!20-06-2013
8Butterfree and Me!13-06-2013
7The Pirates of Decolore!06-06-2013
6To Catch a Rotom!30-05-2013
5The Island of Illusions!23-05-2013
4Crowning the Scalchop King!16-05-2013
3Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness!09-05-2013
2Danger, Sweet as Honey!02-05-2013
1Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures!25-04-2013

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