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Clinging Angel, P10, Pita-Ten, Pita-ten, PitaTen, Pitari Tenshi, Pitaten, Пита-Тен, Пита-Тэн, ぴたてん, ぴたテン, Pita Ten
Genres: Shounen, School, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Kids
Rating: 6.95 (8,610)
Episodes: 26
Kotaro was pretty much supposed to be your average boy, worried about the pressures of education while enjoying a simple life with his friends. Much to his despair, he one day finds the overly cheerful Misha at his door, asking to be friends out of nowhere. Even more shocking is that Misha is an apprentice angel, yet she does more bad then good. Along with Kotaro's school friends Takashi and Koboshi and the so called devil Shia (once again being able to do more good then bad), the group of friends spend their days getting into all sorts of adventures and troubles. Based on the manga by Koge-Donbo.
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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
26How to Connect Our Feelings29-09-2002
25How to Bid Farewell22-09-2002
24How to Pay Someone a Visit15-09-2002
23How to Have Fun Hiking08-09-2002
22How to Get Fired Up for a Sports Festival01-09-2002
21How a Girl Does Her Best25-08-2002
20How to Find Something That Was Lost18-08-2002
19How an Apprentice Angel Tries Her Best11-08-2002
18How to Spend a Vacation04-08-2002
17How to Enjoy a Day Off28-07-2002
16How to Walk on Earth21-07-2002
15How to Play at an Amusement Park14-07-2002
14How to Feel Happiness07-07-2002
13How to Walk Around a Castle30-06-2002
12How to Gather Junk23-06-2002
11How to Invite Someone to a Lovely Dance16-06-2002
10How to Reconcile Skillfully09-06-2002
9How to Find an Angel02-06-2002
8How to Battle Your Rival26-05-2002
7How to Play Tricks19-05-2002
6How to Make a New Friend12-05-2002
5How to Look For a Part-Time Job05-05-2002
4How to Have Fun in the Hot Springs28-04-2002
3How to Enjoy a Test of Courage21-04-2002
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