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Papuwa 2, パプワ, Papuwa, PAPUWA
Genres: Adventure, Comedy
Rating: 6.63 (367)
Episodes: 26
In this sequel series, events continue four years after they left off in the first series. Papuwa-kun is a mysterious boy who lives on a new tropical island full of the same crazy creatures. Along with his maid, Liquid, and his new amnestic friend, "Rotarou", they lead nonsensical adventures as they try to evade and confuse the Ganma Army, Special Corps, and even the Shinsengumi from discovering Rotarou's real secret and taking him away.

(Source: ANN)
PrequelNangoku Shounen Papuwa-kun


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
26Episode 2630-03-2004
25Episode 2523-03-2004
24Episode 2416-03-2004
23Episode 2309-03-2004
22Episode 2202-03-2004
21Episode 2124-02-2004
20Episode 2017-02-2004
19Sending Out My Love, Burning Valentine`s Day10-02-2004
18No Need for Liquid? Competition for a Temporary Maid03-02-2004
17Koji`s Melancholy; Who Wants Umako?27-01-2004
16What`s The Present? Daddy Liquid`s Longest Day20-01-2004
15Watch Out For Traps? Rotaro`s Manliness Test13-01-2004
14Even Rotaro is Suprised!? Entrance of Manly God06-01-2004
13Close to Extremity Manly Beach Ball Competition!23-12-2003
12Who`s the Princess? Papuwa Island Hina King Grand Prix Death Match16-12-2003
11Save Rotaro! Record of Chappy`s Errand09-12-2003
10Umako Vision Takes Effect!! Magical Potion is the Taste of Love02-12-2003
9The Samurais are Here! Shinsen-Gumi Entrance!!25-11-2003
8Rotaro`s Power Awakens!? Papuwa House is Flooded18-11-2003
7Even Hayashi Turns Pale!? Special Attack Marionette Brush11-11-2003
6Dancing Zombies!? Disarray at Papuwa Island`s Festival04-11-2003
5Cutie Gangster!? Liquid`s Gorgeous Past!28-10-2003
4Wandering Drummer, Sea Otter Oshodani`s Entrance21-10-2003
3My Motto is Friendship Power, I am Arashiyama14-10-2003
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