Omoikkiri Kagaku Adventure Sou Nanda!

Full-Blast Science Adventure: So That's How It Is!

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Full-Blast Science Adventure - So That`s How It Is!, Full-Blast Science Adventure: So That's How It Is!, Sou Nanda, Sounanda, แก๊งค์จิ๋วอัจฉริยะ โซนันดะ!, おもいっきり科学アドベンチャー そーなんだ!, Omoikkiri Kagaku Adventure Sou Nanda!
Genres: Sci-Fi, Comedy, Kids
Episodes: 26
After a soccer game one day, six kids are playing a cute RPG-looking video game at their homes. One of them scored the winning goal, one was the goal keeper who barely missed the ball, and the others were two groups of two who were rooting for their respective sides. Suddenly, when they defeat a boss, a strange thing pops up in front of them, and they're sucked into the game world! Tomoru (scorer), Mio, and Dai end up together with Professor Galileo, who tells them that he's the one that created this game that they`ve appeared in, called Eureka, but he inadvertently got sucked into it as well. In order to get back to their world, they need to clear missions that pop up in certain areas of the world. So when a mission appears, Tomoru and the gang make the professor take them along.

When they get to area C-1, they find that not only do they have a mission, but they have a rival group! The rival professor has brought their rivals from the soccer game, Yukio, Suzuka, and Kouta, with him! Their mission, of course, is a scientific one. First the computer explains how lightning is formed, and then they have to figure out a way to stop the lightning to clear the mission! Tomoru and company manage to get it done, and get a Eureka Stone, letting them get back to their world! Except... the gateway back actually needs ten Eureka Stones total before it will open! Sounds like there's a lot of science to be learned and missions to be cleared before they can go home.



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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
26Episode 2628-03-2004
25Episode 2521-03-2004
24Episode 2414-03-2004
23Episode 2307-03-2004
22Episode 2229-02-2004
21Episode 2122-02-2004
20Episode 2015-02-2004
19Episode 1908-02-2004
18Episode 1801-02-2004
17Episode 1725-01-2004
16Episode 1618-01-2004
15Episode 1511-01-2004
14Episode 1404-01-2004
13Episode 1328-12-2003
12Episode 1221-12-2003
11Episode 1114-12-2003
10Restore the Blue Sky!07-12-2003
9The Great Race on the Uninhabited Island!30-11-2003
8Save the Wild Rabbits!23-11-2003
7Fire the Firework of Friendship!16-11-2003
6Cooking Competition09-11-2003
5Get Back the Electricity!02-11-2003
4Search for Badobado and Chihuahua!26-10-2003
3Go Upstream Against The Rapids!19-10-2003
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