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Dress-up Musical Nerima Daikon Brothers, Fraţii Nerima Daikon, Nerima, Nerimai Retkes Bratyók, Oroshitate Musical Nerima Daikon Brothers, 練馬大根ブラザーズ, 练马萝卜兄弟, Nerima Daikon Brothers
Genres: Comedy, Music
Rating: 7.33 (2,968)
Episodes: 12
In the town of Nerima, the boisterous Hideki and his stoic brother Ichiro run a daikon radish farm along with Mako, their bubbly but vain cousin. The three dream of raising the money needed to build their own concert hall, where their band—Nerima Daikon Brothers—would perform and hopefully rise to stardom. But their farm and Ichiro's host club job aren't raising money fast enough for their liking, leading them to resort to get-rich-quick schemes.

Their plans usually involve tracking down evil-doers and then stealing their ill-gotten gains. Yet, while they usually do put a stop to the villains, they always end the day no richer than before. However, neither these failures nor interference from the policewoman Yukika Karakuri can come between this trio and their dream! With help from gadgets provided by the rental shop owner Nabeshin, the Nerima Daikon Brothers get themselves into and out of all kinds of ridiculous situations through their boisterous singing and comedy.

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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
12My Finish! Take a Look at This!28-03-2006
11A Threesome in My Done?!21-03-2006
10Give My "Bad" a Thrilla-Thriller14-03-2006
9Cook-Up an Erection in Mine!07-03-2006
8My Dirt-Cheap Rocket Is About to Launch!28-02-2006
7Play with Mine! Sue Me!24-02-2006
6My Backroom Fortune-Telling14-02-2006
5Roll Mine, No.107-02-2006
4My Gadget (Detective) Is Huge, Huh?31-01-2006
3My Shot Will Crash Into Your Backside24-01-2006
2Ra Rang Hey Yo with My Balls17-01-2006
1Please Touch My Nerima Daikon10-01-2006

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