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Myself Yourself, m;y, マイセルフ;ユアセルフ, Myself ; Yourself, myyour, Я; Ти, Я; Ты, マイセルフ; ユアセルフ, マイセルフ;ユアセルフ, Myself; Yourself
Genres: Drama, School, Romance
Rating: 7.23 (82,979)
Episodes: 13
In the peaceful little town of Sakuranomori, a group of young friends are about to bid farewell to one of their own. Due to his parents’ business plans, Sana Hidaka has to move away from his quiet childhood home to the boisterous city of Tokyo. Though it pains him, he must say goodbye to his precious friends—the kind-hearted Aoi Oribe, the spunky Wakatsuki twins, Shuri and Shuusuke, and the cheerful and upbeat Nanaka Yatsushiro. But even though he is reluctant to leave them behind, he believes that no matter how far apart they are, they will always cherish the memories of their friendship.

Five years later, Sana, now a 16-year-old high school student, returns to his hometown with the hope of restoring his old life. However, he quickly realizes that although his town may not have changed drastically, the friends he left behind are not who they used to be. Unsettling shadows loom over Sakuranomori as his friends hold new secrets and bear burdens that threaten the bonds they once shared.

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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S10Cast Interview - Vol.727-06-2008
S1Original PV: Gakuensai27-06-2008
S2Kimi to Yozora to Sakamichi to27-06-2008
S3Kimi to Yozora to Sakamichi to27-06-2008
S9Cast Interview - Vol.630-05-2008
S8Cast Interview - Vol.525-04-2008
S7Cast Interview - Vol.421-03-2008
S6Cast Interview - Vol.322-02-2008
S5Cast Interview - Vol.225-01-2008
S4Cast Interview - Vol.121-12-2007
12Red Memory19-12-2007
11The Confession12-12-2007
10For the Cherry Trees05-12-2007
9You Can Do It, Animengers!28-11-2007
8Secret Post Box21-11-2007
7Caramels from Teacher14-11-2007
6`Cause I`m an Adult07-11-2007
5The Cherry Tree That Wouldn`t Bloom31-10-2007
4I`m Not a Child24-10-2007
3Cookies & Stones17-10-2007
2Precious Melody10-10-2007
1A Familiar Place03-10-2007

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