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PAG, Para Agent, Paranoia Agent, Paranojos Agentas, Paranoya Etmeni, Агент Паранойя, Агент паранойи, Щамът "Параноя", もうそうだいりにん, 妄想代理人, 망상대리인, Mousou Dairinin, Mousou
Genres: Mystery, Drama, Psychological, Police, Thriller, Supernatural, Dementia
Rating: 7.69 (106,486)
Episodes: 13
The infamous Shounen Bat (Lil' Slugger) is terrorizing the residents of Musashino City. Flying around on his rollerblades and beating people down with a golden baseball bat, the assailant seems impossible to catch—much less understand. His first victim, the well-known yet timid character designer Tsukiko Sagi, is suspected of orchestrating the attacks. Believed only by her anthropomorphic pink stuffed animal, Maromi, Tsukiko is just one of Shounen Bat's many victims.

As Shounen Bat continues his relentless assault on the town, detectives Keiichi Ikari and Mitsuhiro Maniwa begin to investigate the identity of the attacker. However, more and more people fall victim to the notorious golden bat, and news of the assailant begins circulating around the town. Paranoia starts to set in as chilling rumors spread amongst adults and children alike.

Will the two detectives be able to unravel the truth behind Shounen Bat, or will the paranoia get to them first?

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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
13The Final Episode18-05-2004
12Radar Man11-05-2004
S1Episode 1 Storyboard Version28-04-2004
S2Episode 1 Storyboard and Final Version Comparison28-04-2004
11No Entry27-04-2004
10Mellow Maromi20-04-2004
8Happy Family Planning06-04-2004
6Fear of a Direct Hit16-03-2004
5The Holy Warrior09-03-2004
4A Man`s Path24-02-2004
3Double Lips17-02-2004
2The Golden Shoes10-02-2004
1Enter Lil` Slugger03-02-2004
S4Interview 2
S3Interview 1

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