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KouSan, 钢铁三国志, Koutetsu Sangokushi
Genres: Shounen, Historical, Adventure
Rating: 6.32 (2,131)
Episodes: 25
The Imperial Seal has been passed down through the generations since ancient times. It confers great power unto the warriors that it chooses. This is the story of those warriors.

It is a time of chaos and of civil war. It is a time when great armies clash in titanic battles and great heroes carve their names in history. It is also a time of death and destruction, when the people of the land live in constant fear of the sword. Onto this stage steps the reluctant Rikuson (Lu Xun), whose family had been the guardians of the Imperial Seal up until it was stolen by Sonsaku. At the behest of his mentor Rikuson offers his services to Sonsaku with the intention of confirming the will of the Imperial Seal. However, assassins strike down Sonsaku and the Imperial Seal is lost. So begins, Rikuson’s journey to recover the Imperial Seal and discover his destiny.

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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S1Crimson Soul, Dispatch the Living Patriot26-03-2008
25Riku Hakugen dances on Gojougen where red stars are falling28-09-2007
24Ryuubi`s weeping gives a new light to the field21-09-2007
23Son Chuubou, in the snowfield, follows Rikuson to escape from his homeland14-09-2007
22Ryuubi goes insane and becomes a frozen shadow, wandering in Koutou07-09-2007
21Kouryou`s setting sun seiyes a warrior`s soul31-08-2007
20Amou of Go rises from obscurity by using his young wisdom24-08-2007
19Courageous Taishiji stands tall on the earth of the Central Plains17-08-2007
18The sworn brothers of the peach garden see the flower of ties in the fields and mountains of Shoku10-08-2007
17reunion at the thatched hut, the deep connection between masted and disciple, wedged together in Ekishuu03-08-2007
16Kan`u`s roar strikes Rikuson which forces him to hold determination27-07-2007
15Gloomy Rikuson vows to recover with Sonken`s smile20-07-2007
14The wail of Son Go wavers from repose offered by the Six Steeds13-07-2007
13Bi Shuurou stands upon the battlefield to guide Rikuson06-07-2007
12Ingenuity and cunning, the sound of the ominous flute reverberates across the lake shore29-06-2007
11Go`s Six Steeds cause the dawn over Choukou to gleam red22-06-2007
10Sou Moutoku pushes a red wall, drawing near Son Go15-06-2007
9The young warriors assemble at Koutou`s hills and rivers for training01-06-2007
8Shokatsuryou Koumei inspires Sonken of Go with his idea25-05-2007
7A bewildered Rikuson sees the light in a reunion with his teacher18-05-2007
6In his sorrow, Kannei of Suzu shoots an arrow into the battlefield11-05-2007
5A grieving Ryoutou roars in agony as he hunts down a bitter enemy04-05-2007
4The one-eyed hero entrusts Ryoutou with the principles of a warrior27-04-2007
3Assemble at Koutou`s lands, young patriots20-04-2007
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