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KS, KS tv, KSTV, Kaleido Star tv, Kaleido Star: New Wings, Kaleidostar, Звездата на "Калейдо", Огни Пёстрой Арены, קליידו סטאר, نجمة كاليدو, かれいどすたー, カレイドスター, 星夢美少女, 百变之星, 萬花筒之星, 카레이도 스타, Kaleido Star
Genres: Drama, Sports, Shoujo, Comedy, Fantasy
Rating: 7.95 (27,342)
Episodes: 51
As a talented young acrobat, Sora has dreamed of sharing a stage with the performers of Kaleido Stage, a world renowned circus that combines graceful acrobatics, dazzling costumes, and stunts that keep audiences on the edge of their seats. She makes the move from Japan to California to audition for the show, in hopes of one day basking in the glitz and glamour.

However, finding her place in such a competitive world will not be easy. Sora will shed blood, sweat, and tears on her path to becoming a performer, buoyed by the friends she makes along the way. Of course, there will also be rivals and other individuals who do not believe Sora has what it takes to shine as brightly as Kaleido Stage needs her to.

Sora will need to endure these trials and tribulations in her quest to become a star, earning the respect of both those who doubt her abilities and by those who are threatened by her. Watch as Sora flies through the bright lights in Kaleido Star!
SequelKaleido Star: Aratanaru Tsubasa - Extra Stage OVA
Side storyKaleido Star: Good Da yo! Goood!! OVA

Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
51To the Amazing Promised Place27-03-2004
50A Most Amazing and Inescapable Showdown20-03-2004
49Our Amazing Futures13-03-2004
48The Amazing Injured Swan06-03-2004
47Flight of the Amazing Angel28-02-2004
46The Amazing Fated Duel21-02-2004
45Leon`s Amazing Past14-02-2004
44Launching an Amazing Smile!07-02-2004
43Mr. Policeman`s Amazing Proposal31-01-2004
42An Amazingly Humiliating Performance24-01-2004
41My Amazing Fresh Start17-01-2004
40Amazing and Sad Homecoming10-01-2004
39Cruel Amazing Festival27-12-2003
38Amazing Angelic Counterattack20-12-2003
37The Two Amazing Demons13-12-2003
36Amazing Training with Leon06-12-2003
35Marion`s Amazing Debut29-11-2003
34The Ever Amazing Miss Layla22-11-2003
33Amazing Rosetta of Sweat and Tears15-11-2003
32Amazing Match on Ice08-11-2003
31The Amazing Passionate Rival01-11-2003
30The Amazing Newcomer25-10-2003
29An Amazing New Rival18-10-2003
28The Amazing Prologue to Stardom, Part 211-10-2003
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