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Genres: Shounen, Action, Fantasy
Rating: 6.87 (8,174)
Episodes: 26
For citizens of the Ken Empire, justice is a myth. Lord Keiro, the deranged Shogun of the Imperial Army, blazes a trail of terror across the countryside in search of the sacred sword that will make him a god. Standing in his way is Taito, an omnipotent star reborn in human form—a young hero who vows to use his celestial strength to avenge those slaughtered by the villainous Shogun.

Taito's mystical powers steer him toward a violent showdown with Keiro, and if used recklessly, his newfound abilities could shred the very fabric of his being. To master the art of control and become a heroic martial artist, Taito must seek the guidance of others like him: the seven star-born warriors with the strength to shatter a corrupt empire.

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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
26The End of the Tale31-03-2008
25The Dubhe God24-03-2008
24Karma Out of Control17-03-2008
22Imperial Capital in Confusion03-03-2008
21A Commoner Infuriated25-02-2008
20The Turmoil Begins18-02-2008
19Stars Divided11-02-2008
18Lian Tong Temple Ablaze04-02-2008
17The Father-Son Bond28-01-2008
16Dubhe, Devourer of the Heavens21-01-2008
15Alkaid`s Guidepost14-01-2008
14The Dou Ya Changes Course07-01-2008
13The Two Celestial Deities31-12-2007
12A Glimmer in the Moonlight24-12-2007
11The Tale of the Big Dipper17-12-2007
10The Lonely Emperor10-12-2007
9Shadow on the Imperial Capital03-12-2007
8What Echoes in the Gorge26-11-2007
7Sorrowful Phecda19-11-2007
6The Red Champion12-11-2007
5Ailing Empire05-11-2007
4Divine Warrior29-10-2007
3The Pledge of Energy Manipulation22-10-2007
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