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Zentrix, 時空冒険記 ゼントリックス, 時空冒険記 ゼントリックス, Jikuu Boukenki Zentrix
Genres: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Mecha
Rating: 6.39 (291)
Episodes: 26
The series is set in Zentrix City, a seemingly "perfect" city. Emperor Jarad is a scientist who with the help of scientists Dr. Roark and Dr. Coy, created a super-computer called OmnicronPsy, which manages all of the city's higher and day-to-day functions, controlling a wide variety of machines and robots, allowing humankind to live a seemingly "perfect" life.

However OmnicronPsy, using His super-intelligence, decides that it would make a better ruler than Jarad, and starts to break down the coding that stops him from revolting and harming the Royal Family. Discovering this, Jarad and Dr. Roark head back in time 7 years to stop the revolt from ever happening. To accomplish this they plan to shut down the six Zentrium chips that power OmnicronPsy.

Upon discovering this, Jarad's daughter and only heir, Princess Megan, proceeds to follow him to the past while OmnicronPsy concurrently undoes his restriction codes and sends his Robo Guards to hunt her down.


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
26A Final Hope31-10-2002
25Race against Time24-10-2002
24Nothing to Live For17-10-2002
23The Fight with OmicronPsy10-10-2002
22Silver-General Gets the Upper Hand03-10-2002
21Surprise Attack at Dr. Coy`s Lab26-09-2002
20Showdown with Dark-General19-09-2002
19Brave Little Mango12-09-2002
18The Penguin Tribe of the North05-09-2002
17Quantum`s Big Pal29-08-2002
16The Battle of the Volcano22-08-2002
15Zeus Returns!15-08-2002
14The Volcano Rockmen08-08-2002
13Zeus Goes Missing01-08-2002
12The Battle Below25-07-2002
11The Two Silly Fathers18-07-2002
10The Deadly Combat Pit11-07-2002
9The Wacky Robot Professor04-07-2002
8The Complete Zeus27-06-2002
7The Deep Sea Monster20-06-2002
6Showdown with Dark-0113-06-2002
5Sandstorm at the Pyramid06-06-2002
4Showdown with Dark-Alpha30-05-2002
3The Forest Peachi-Wigis23-05-2002
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