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Jewel Pet, Jewel Pet - Zvířátka z drahokamu, Jewel Pets, Драгоценный зверушки, じゅえるぺっと, ジュエルペット, Jewelpet
Genres: Shoujo, Fantasy, Magic
Rating: 6.64 (2,092)
Episodes: 52
When what looks to be a cluster of shooting stars appear in the sky, Rinko Kougyoku and her friend Minami each make a wish.

What the girls truly saw were not stars, but 'Jewel Charms' falling to the Earth. These charms were created by three magicians in a magical world names Jewel Land, each housing one of its many native Jewelpets. Although these creatures are free to roam the world in their original form, the magicians sometimes turn them into charms so that they can be carried around with great ease. Most Jewelpets don't find this troublesome, but once a mischievous bunny by the name of Ruby feels overly claustrophobic, she devises her escape.

One day, the magicians decide to move the Jewelpets, and task a pelican with delivering them to the Dream Forest. All is well until a strong gust of wind disorients the bird, who then drops all of the charms that he was carrying. Instead of heading towards the Dream Forest, all the Jewelpets but Ruby fall to Rinko’s home city on Earth. Someone must go and retrieve them all, and as Ruby was the worst-behaved of the bunch, she is given the task of going to Earth.

When Ruby reaches Earth in the form of a red Jewel Charm, she falls into Rinko’s water glass, and thus begins a rather unexpected adventure. Rinko, Minami, and Ruby form an alliance to search and gather all of the fallen charms, encountering strange creatures and tons of helpful allies along the way. Will they be able to succesfully bring the Jewelpets home safely, or is Earth full of more danger than they had expected?
SequelJewelpet Tinkle TV Series
Alternative settingJewelpet: Magical Change TV Series
Parent storyJewelpet: Attack Chance!? Web


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
52Kiss Kiss - Jewelpet Are Friends28-03-2010
51Bui Bui - They Came Back22-03-2010
50Fure Fure! Even if Separated, Our Hearts are Together21-03-2010
49Biri Biri! Dian Vs. The Four Witches14-03-2010
48Uru Uru - Wedding of Sadness07-03-2010
47Up Up! Operation Proposal21-02-2010
46Love Love!? Valentine Magic14-02-2010
45No No! Everyone Has Become King07-02-2010
44Hara Hara! Is Today the Last Day of the Human Race?31-01-2010
43Oro Oro! Witches` Trials24-01-2010
42Shiver Shiver! School Ghost Story17-01-2010
41Mero Mero - Prince Who Rode on the White Horse10-01-2010
40Uki Uki!? Happy First Dream of The New Year Hurly-Burly03-01-2010
39Babu Babu! A Jewelpet is Born27-12-2009
38Merry Merry - Santa Comes to Town20-12-2009
37Ufu Ufu - New Three-Person Popularity Zoom13-12-2009
36Kita Kita - Rinko`s Prince!?06-12-2009
35Dasu Dasu! King`s Traveling Heart29-11-2009
34Hai Hai! Large Baby Reckless Driving22-11-2009
33Deta Deta! New Enemy, Dian15-11-2009
32Mera Mera! Diana`s Final Decisive Battle08-11-2009
31Sob Sob - Epidemic God Senorita01-11-2009
30Spinning Spinning - Day When the Conveyor Belt Sushi Rests25-10-2009
29Chancy Chancy!? Diana Revives18-10-2009
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[Stardust] Jewelpet - 16 [480p] [B32C8655].mkv
356.8 MiB2021-01-231-30
[Stardust] Jewelpet - 15 [480p] [C06E1B6E].mkv
320.3 MiB2020-09-23--54
[Stardust] Jewelpet - 14v2 [480p] [463F8423].mkv
354.7 MiB2020-08-131-50
[Stardust] Jewelpet 14.mkv
289.3 MiB2020-06-11--52
[Wantsfreedom] Jewel Pet - 14
136.6 MiB2016-04-17---
[Wantsfreedom] Jewel Pet - 14
136.6 MiB2016-04-17---
[Hybrid-Stardust] Jewelpet 13 [HD_720p].mkv
252.7 MiB2015-03-07---
[Stardust] Jewelpet 12 [HD_720p].mkv
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[Stardust] Jewelpet 11 [HD_720p].mkv
354.0 MiB2014-01-06---
[Stardust] Jewelpet 06-10 [HD_720p]
2.0 GiB2013-10-15---
[Stardust] Jewelpet 01-05 [HD_720p]
1.8 GiB2013-06-21---
371.0 MiB2013-01-03---
Jewelpet 03_SD_[704x400][59FF6CB0].avi
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