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ID4th, Initial D - 4eme étape, Initial D 4th Stage, Initial D 4th stage, Initial D: Fourth Stage, Инициал «ДИ» четвертая стадия, 頭文字[イニシャル]D Fourth Stage, 頭文字〈イニシャル〉D FOURTH STAGE, Initial D Fourth Stage
Genres: Drama, Seinen, Action, Sports, Cars
Rating: 🔥 8.16 (61,488)
Episodes: 24
Takumi Fujiwara finally joins Ryousuke and Keisuke Takahashi to create "Project D." Their goal is twofold: Ryousuke wants to develop his "High-Speed Street Racing Theory," while Keisuke and Takumi aim at improving their driving skills by facing powerful opponents on dangerous roads. The idea of Project D is to challenge street racing teams from other prefectures to improve both their uphill and downhill records. In order to attract the attention of the best racing teams, Ryousuke creates a dedicated website to announce the future battles of Project D and post the team's results.

The fourth season of Initial D details the hardships and successes of the members of Project D as they try to become the best street racing team outside of Gunma Prefecture.

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PrequelInitial D Third Stage Movie
SummaryInitial D Battle Stage 2 OVA
Side storyInitial D Extra Stage 2 OVA
SequelInitial D Fifth Stage TV Series
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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S2Battle Digest28-02-2007
23Endless Battle18-02-2006
24The Never-Ending Challenge18-02-2006
22The Sorcerer of the Single-Handed Steer17-12-2005
19God Foot and God Arm15-10-2005
20The Unmatched GT-R!15-10-2005
18Last Drive20-08-2005
17The Saitama Area`s Final Battle20-08-2005
16Hillclimb of Fury18-06-2005
154WD Complex18-06-2005
14Sad Lonely Driver16-04-2005
11Rainy Downhill Battle19-02-2005
12Straightaway of Struggles19-02-2005
10The Saitama Area`s Ultimate Weapon18-12-2004
9Kyoko`s Confession18-12-2004
8Fateful Battle of the FDs16-10-2004
7The 85`s Raging Turbo16-10-2004
5The Starting Line to Victory21-08-2004
6Blind Attack21-08-2004
3The Most Powerful Man of the Toudou School19-06-2004
4Two Pieces of Advice19-06-2004
2Full Speed! Downhill Battle17-04-2004
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