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เจ้าหนูนักซิ่ง สิงห์ภูเขา, 韦驮天翔, Idaten Jump, يداتين جمب, 韋駄天翔(ジャンプ)
Genres: Sports, School, Game
Rating: 6.94 (4,688)
Episodes: 52
Sho liked MTB very much and he always practiced at the practice field, “X-Zone”, with his friends, Takumi and Makoto. Takumi was a good mechanic and Makoto was a competitive girl rider.

One day, he was challenged by a MTB team, “Shark Tooth”, of Samejima brothers’ betting the X-Zone. For Sho, X-Zone was a memorable place where he had spent days with his dead father, and he couldn’t lose the game.

The day came, and during the race with the leader of Shark Tooth, black smoke suddenly covered around, and they were sent to another world. When he came to, he found Kakeru, Makoto, and his MTB, “Flame Caesar”, were also there.

While they were wondering what had happened, MTB riders came.
They challenged Sho to a MTB bout. They said Sho had to collect 10 pieces of emblems by winning MTB bout, “Idaten Battle”.

This is how Sho came down to compete in Idaten Battle at various courses, such as, volcanos, ruins, deserts, snowy montains, and grave yards.
Whether will show win the race to come back to his world?


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
52Episode 5230-09-2006
51Episode 5123-09-2006
50Episode 5016-09-2006
49Episode 4909-09-2006
48The Miracle Power! New Secret Move Explosion02-09-2006
47The Legendary Training Grounds, Sho`s Special Training!26-08-2006
46Charge! Team X vs. Imperial Dragon19-08-2006
45The Second Island Appears! The Beginning of the World`s Collapse12-08-2006
44Shocking Reunion! Imperial X Appears05-08-2006
43Sho vs. Shido! Battle of Life or Death!29-07-2006
42Idaten Bike`s Big Gathering! The Showdown with Team X!22-07-2006
41Arthur`s Challenge! The Road to the Island of Illusion15-07-2006
40The Nameless Forest`s Vermin08-07-2006
39Climax! Imperial Dragon vs. Aero Scissors01-07-2006
38Gabu`s Allure, Flame Kaiser`s in a Pinch!24-06-2006
37The Feared Dark Emblem17-06-2006
36Roar! Imperial Dragon!!10-06-2006
35Shock! Sho`s Father is Alive03-06-2006
34To X Zone Again!27-05-2006
33A New, Formidable Enemy - The Name is Team X20-05-2006
32Farewell X Zone13-05-2006
31Decisive Battle! Flame Kaiser vs. Bloody Fang06-05-2006
30Charge! X Tower29-04-2006
29Final Battle! Who Will be the Victor?22-04-2006
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