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Didysis mokytojas Onizuka, G.T.O. - Great Teacher Onizuka, GTO, GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka, GTO - The Animation, GTO(グレート・ティーチャー・オニヅカ), GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, Harika Öğretmen Onizuka, Nuostabusis Mokytojas Onizuka, Wspaniały belfer Onizuka, 반항하지마, Великий учитель Онидзука, Великият учител Онизука, Крутий вчитель Онідзука, Крутой учитель Онидзука, المدرس العظيم أونيزوكا, معلم کبیر اونیزوکا, グレート・ティーチャー・オニヅカ, Great Teacher Onizuka
Genres: Drama, Shounen, School, Slice of Life, Comedy
Rating: 🔥 8.7 (267,083)
Episodes: 43
Twenty-two-year-old Eikichi Onizuka—ex-biker gang leader, conqueror of Shonan, and virgin—has a dream: to become the greatest high school teacher in all of Japan. This isn't because of a passion for teaching, but because he wants a loving teenage wife when he's old and gray. Still, for a perverted, greedy, and lazy delinquent, there is more to Onizuka than meets the eye. So when he lands a job as the homeroom teacher of the Class 3-4 at the prestigious Holy Forest Academy—despite suplexing the Vice Principal—all of his talents are put to the test, as this class is particularly infamous.

Due to their utter contempt for all teachers, the class' students use psychological warfare to mentally break any new homeroom teacher they get, forcing them to quit and leave school. However, Onizuka isn't your average teacher, and he's ready for any challenge in his way.

Bullying, suicide, and sexual harassment are just a few of the issues his students face daily. By tackling the roots of their problems, Onizuka supports them with his unpredictable and unconventional methods—even if it means jumping off a building to save a suicidal child. Thanks to his eccentric charm and fun-loving nature, Class 3-4 slowly learns just how enjoyable school can be when you're the pupils of the Great Teacher Onizuka.

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PrequelShounan Jun`ai-gumi!


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S2Summary 224-09-2000
43Onizuka`s Final Battle17-09-2000
42Old Wounds Revisited10-09-2000
S1Summary 103-09-2000
40Matters of the Heart20-08-2000
39Alone in the Dark13-08-2000
38Great Treasure Onizuka30-07-2000
37Living Together16-07-2000
36Self-Improvement: Fuyutsuki`s Transformation18-06-2000
35Wedding Bell Blues11-06-2000
34Good Cop / Bad Cop04-06-2000
33Search and Rescue28-05-2000
32The Law of Probability14-05-2000
31Destination: Okinawa07-05-2000
30Money Talks, GTO Walks30-04-2000
29Studies in High Finance23-04-2000
28Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong16-04-2000
27GTO - Agent to the Stars02-04-2000
26Onizuka Meets His Match19-03-2000
25Playing Doctor - GTO Style12-03-2000
24Compromising Positions05-03-2000
22The Art of Demolition20-02-2000
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