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Gatekeepers, げーときーぱーず, ゲートキーパーズ, 捍衛者, Gate Keepers
Genres: Shounen, Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Mecha, Fantasy
Rating: 6.97 (7,793)
Episodes: 24
Technology, science, and industry—this is 1969 Tokyo, and there is no better time to be alive! But a shadow looms quietly around every corner: "Invaders" have infiltrated the populace, and nobody knows who or what they are.

Only the members of the top-secret agency AEGIS know of their existence. Covertly fighting the enemy is their job, but only those with the ability to open "Gates" to another world can truly defeat them. Within AEGIS is a specialized task force known as the "Gate Keepers." Composed of extraordinary individuals with a variety of Gate-related abilities, they are the only ones who can save humanity from the vicious Invaders plaguing the planet.

Shun Ukiya is an average high school student who lives with his widowed mother and little sister. While on his way home from school one day, he comes across a group of Invaders heading toward his house. In a desperate plight to save his family, Shun discovers he possesses the ability to open a Gate, allowing him to harness massive amounts of energy. With his newfound ability exposed, he catches the attention of AEGIS, and particularly the interest of one of its Gate Keepers, Shun's childhood friend Ruriko Ikusawa.

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SequelGate Keepers 21 OVA


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
24For the Smiles of Tomorrow!18-09-2000
23Call Forth the Courage to Fight!11-09-2000
22Destroy the Jet Black Robo!04-09-2000
21Protect the Festival of Progress and Harmony for Mankind!28-08-2000
20Leap Forward into a New Year!21-08-2000
19The Opinions of Youths!07-08-2000
18Protect the Invader?31-07-2000
17Race Down the Trailless Road!24-07-2000
16Send Out the Gate Robo!17-07-2000
15Stop the Arranged Marriage!10-07-2000
14Defeat the Invader Executives! (Part 2)03-07-2000
13Defeat the Invader Executives! (Part 1)26-06-2000
12Fly to the Northern Lands!19-06-2000
11Stop That Bullet Train!12-06-2000
10Shake Free from the Demonic Dream!05-06-2000
9Break Down the Gate of Darkness!29-05-2000
8Find the Infiltrator!22-05-2000
7Shoot the Enemy Out of the Sky!15-05-2000
6Infiltrate the Haunted Female Dormitory!08-05-2000
5Charge Towards Your Dreams!01-05-2000
4Search for the New Fighter!24-04-2000
3Let the Bewitching Melody Echo!17-04-2000
2Stand Up for Peace!10-04-2000
1Begin the Defense of Earth!03-04-2000

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