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GA Z, GA2, Galaxy Angel 2, ギャラクシーエンジェルZ, ギャラクシーエンジェルZ, 银河天使队2, Galaxy Angel Z
Genres: Sci-Fi, Comedy
Rating: 7.2 (4,059)
Episodes: 9
In the far future, the human race advanced to space, and prospered. However, Jikushin ( earthquake of time and space ) which occurred suddenly intercepted all networks, and all the civilizations were reset. However, the human race begins to revive, and enters the prosperity age of The Second by the Transvaal imperial country which rises at the center of the galactic system. The science and technology before the civilization was reset, that is, "Lost Technology" was considered to be god`s task. And, it came to be worshiped by the priest who was called "Tsuki no miko".

On the other hand, a certain guard fleet was stationed in the frontier of the galactic system. Though it was the seemingly perfectly ordinary army, the team composed only of the woman called "Angel Corps" existed in this army. They controlled the spaceship which was called "Angel Frame" which was the relic of Lost Technology. And, they collected the lost technology by using the angel frame, and carried out the duties to manage them. They were not the elite pilots, but Angel Corps was rather an eccentric person`s group. Arms mania`s Forte, costume player`s Mint, taciturn Vanilla, showy Ranpha and Milfeulle who likes cooking ... Every time, they cause a big trouble in the mission.

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PrequelGalaxy Angel TV Series
SequelGalaxy Angel 3 TV Series


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S1Special: Gun Smoke and Tobacco Smoke Cassoulet25-04-2002
9(17/18) Moon-View Soba sans Moon & A Never Before Seen Mystery Carpaccio31-03-2002
8(15/16) Fresh Catch; Miraculous Boat-Wrap Sushi & Forbidden Meuniere; Alluring Grated Yam Topping24-03-2002
7(13/14) In-Flight Meal (Excuses Curry Loaded with Ingredients) & Love and Doubt Fried Cabbage Cake17-03-2002
6(11/12) Revolving Sushi to the Hereafter & Steel Jambalaya10-03-2002
5(09/10) GA Analytic Tea Ceremony & Served to Taste Revenge Lunch03-03-2002
4(07/08) Deep Fried Egg Rolls of Love & Wedding Cake Combiner Special24-02-2002
3(05/06) Memory Rally Chop Suey & Deep Fog Sorbet17-02-2002
2(03/04) Quick Note; Ballottine of Sigh & Surprise Dim Sum10-02-2002
1(01/02) Angel Challenge Jelly Trial & Muscle Bound Broad Noodles03-02-2002
S5I see 11 to 14 real GA courses
S2I see 1 to 2 real GA courses
S3I see 3 to 6 real GA courses
S4I see 7 to 10 real GA courses
S6I see 15 to 18 real GA courses

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