Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu

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Gaiking: Legend of Daikuu-Maryuu, Great Sky Demon Dragon Gaiking, がいきんぐれじぇんどおぶだいくうまりゅう, ガイキング LEGEND OF DAIKU-MARYU, ガイキング Legend of Daiku-Maryu, 太空魔龙, Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha
Rating: 7.12 (1,066)
Episodes: 39
A boy, Tsuwabaki Daiya found a black fire in an ocean when he and his father were in a small boat. A big monster came out of the fire, and the father and the crews were disappeared into the sea. When he was about to become the next victim, a large mecka dragon appeared and saved him.

5 years later since then, Daiya becomes a junior high school student. A big monster reappear, and he meets the mecha dragon,"Daiku Maryu". The head of the dragon separates from the body, and it turns into the body of a super robot, Gaiking. He gets in Gaiking, fights against the monster, and beats it.

He learns that there is an enemy that plots to conquer the world, and he leaves for another world, Darius, to stop the plot.

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Alternative versionDaikuu Maryuu Gaiking


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
39Your Earth, Your Future24-09-2006
38Everyone, Burn17-09-2006
37My Son10-09-2006
36Reunion, the Father Who Betrayed! But I Love You So Much!!03-09-2006
35Huge Massacre! Huge Development!! God, the Capital Is Sinking...27-08-2006
34NEX`s True Intention! An Angel`s Kiss for the City of Wolves...20-08-2006
33Goodbye, Innocence! Light the Flame in the Wild Boy`s Heart!13-08-2006
32No Weapons, No Bullets, Yes Best Friend! Just the Two of Us in a Battle on the Surface!!06-08-2006
31Look! Praise! Kneel! Arrival of the Wild God Great!!30-07-2006
30The Successor Is 13 Years Old! It`s an All-Out War, Captain Lulu!23-07-2006
29Deadly Full Course Attack! Saspazi Laughs Last!!16-07-2006
28Sin and Punishment and the Cursed Child! Tenku-Maryu of Love and Hate!09-07-2006
27Black Past Uncovered! Garis`s Mask of Sadness25-06-2006
26Prelude to a Nightmare! Revival of Daichi-Maryu!!11-06-2006
25Crewmembers Fallen to Hell! You`re the Idol!04-06-2006
24Pink Hippos That Trot Across the Battlefield!! Who`s the Idol?28-05-2006
23Sakon Escapes?! The Silent Attack of an Assassination Squad21-05-2006
22Burn, Three Idiots! Stolen Gaiking!!14-05-2006
21100% Accurate Fortune Telling! Lulu Hits the Mark!!07-05-2006
20Mini Mini Machines! The Big Treasure Hunt Race!30-04-2006
19The New Emperor`s Trap! Gaiking`s Execution!!23-04-2006
18Super Weapon! The Trump Card of Darius16-04-2006
17Friend or Foe?! A Dangerous New Force09-04-2006
16Break Through the Cordon! Lee and the Female Panther02-04-2006
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