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Genres: Action, Shoujo, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic
Rating: 7.14 (3,507)
Episodes: 49
During the summer festival five years ago, two girls met at a mysterious tree and saw two glowing spheres. Now, these two girls--Saki Hyuuga, ace pitcher on the school softball team; and Mai Mishou, who prefers sketching over stargazing--are chosen by the spirits of flowers (Flappy) and birds (Choppy) to restore the Seven Fountains and save their worlds from Dark Autumn. Together, they are the NEW Pretty Cure.

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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
49Reach to the Top! We`re Forever Friends of the Starry Sky!28-01-2007
48The Last Decisive Battle! The Stolen Land of Greenery!21-01-2007
47Big Reversal! The Black Curtain Is Who?14-01-2007
46Counterattack! Akudaikaan`s Menace Power!07-01-2007
45Cake, Kazuya and Christmas!24-12-2006
44These Two Will Disappear? Painful Michiru and Kaoru17-12-2006
43It`s Not a Dream! One Day That Has Everyone10-12-2006
42Welcome Back! Michiru and Kaoru!!03-12-2006
41Princess Is in Danger! The Stolen Carafe!!26-11-2006
40You`re Noisy! Kintresky and Birthday19-11-2006
39The Great Rebellion of the Rare Animals, Miminga!?12-11-2006
38Idol Has Born, Hyuuga Saki! Really!?29-10-2006
37Everyone Is comrades! Jump to tomorrow!22-10-2006
36What Will Mai do? Mai`s Distress and Culture Festival15-10-2006
35Now`s the Final Round! Fight, Nagichuu Softball Club!08-10-2006
34Moon-Viewing Meeting Is the Smell of Romance01-10-2006
33Muscle Full Throttle Kintresky Appears!24-09-2006
32Too Difficult! Ms. Shitatare`s Homework17-09-2006
31A Serious Conclusion? Who Is Kenta`s Partner?!10-09-2006
30Miraculous Power! Pretty Cure Super Transformation!03-09-2006
29Flappy and Choppy`s Desperate Situation!27-08-2006
28It`s a Journey! It`s a Railroad! Our Big Adventure!20-08-2006
27I Love Everyone! Memories of the Summer Festival13-08-2006
26Saki Holds a Secret! Summer Training Camp of Heart-Pounding Love!06-08-2006
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