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Fushigiboshi no☆Futagohime, As Princesas Gémeas do Planeta Maravilha, Fushigi Boshi no Futago Hime, Fushigi-boshi no Futago-hime, Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime, Fushigiboshi no Futagohime, Futago Hime, Twin Princess - Principesse gemelle, Twin Princess of the Mysterious Planet, Twin Princesses of the Mysterious Star
Genres: Shoujo, Comedy, Magic
Rating: 7.28 (2,723)
Episodes: 51
In the hollow Mysterious Planet, seven kingdoms co-exist, all of them lit by the Sun's Blessing from the Kingdom of the Sun, in the middle of the planet. The light of the core sun is necessary for the continued existence of all the kingdoms. Yet, something is causing the Sun's Blessing to weaken. If something isn't done, it will be the end of life in the Mysterious Planet. Fortunately, the twin princesses of the Sun Kingdom, Fine and Rein, have been endowed with the magic of the Prominence, and are looking for a way to fix things.

(Source: ANN)
SequelFushigiboshi no Futago Hime Gyu! TV Series
📗 The Twin Princesses of the Wonder Planet: Lovely Kingdom


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
51The Final Prominence - Princesses Never Give Up25-03-2006
50Out of Control! The Black Crystal18-03-2006
49May Our Hearts - Reach Bright!11-03-2006
48The Final Treasure - Boomo in Love?!04-03-2006
47Turning Point - Prince of Darkness25-02-2006
46To Go? Or Not to Go? - Invitation from Bright18-02-2006
45The Final Party - Who Will Win?!11-02-2006
44Aim for Victory - Shall We Dance?04-02-2006
43The Miraculous Circus - Fly, Nacchi!28-01-2006
42Get a Full Moon Herb - Save Moon Malia!21-01-2006
41Hyperactive Baby: Parenting Diary14-01-2006
40This Year`s First Laugh - Flame Variety Show07-01-2006
39Pearl-chan`s Wish - The Christmas Miracles24-12-2005
38The Secret of the Valley of the Winds: Sophie`s Treasure17-12-2005
37Find the Seven Treasures - The Secret of the Grace Stones10-12-2005
36Dark Bright - Stormy Princess Party03-12-2005
35Close Call - Princess Summit26-11-2005
34Shine! Rainbow Springs - Mirlo`s Wish19-11-2005
33Bumo Bumo Boomo - Pumo Pumo Poomo12-11-2005
32Do Your Best, Tio - Flame Samba Festival05-11-2005
31The Treasure Map - Dig, Dig, and Dig Some More29-10-2005
30Waterdrop Kingdom - Fake Twin Princesses?!22-10-2005
29Cheer Up - Altezza15-10-2005
28Fortune Princesses at Last - This Sounds Awesome08-10-2005
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