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Final Fantasy: Unlimited, FF:U -ファイナルファンタジー:アンリミテッド-, FFU, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Последняя фантазия: Всемогущий, ファイナルファンタジー:アンリミテッド
Genres: Shounen, Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy
Rating: 6.21 (13,315)
Episodes: 25
Years ago, the opening of an interdimensional portal released two beasts into the skies over the Sea of Japan, visible to all the countries along the coast. After destroying the naval patrol sent to investigate the disturbance, the two beasts then turned against each other.

Witnessing the fight from Japan, scientists Joe and Marie Hayakawa were sucked into the rift. Upon returning to Earth, they compiled and published the academic findings from their voyage in a legendary book titled ''Day of Succession''. Attempting a second expedition to that other dimension twelve years later, the couple have not returned.

Twins Ai and Yu Hayakawa decide to set forth in search of their parents and the mysterious Wonderland they studied. In the ruins of an abandoned subway station, the two wait for a train to take them to the world beyond. On board they meet Lisa Pacifist, who quickly decides to aid the two in the search for their missing family. Can the three of them manage to find Joe and Marie?

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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
25Kaze: The Glory of Life26-03-2002
24Chaos: The Earl Unveiled19-03-2002
23Teros: In Search of Flying Water12-03-2002
22Moogle: Long Lost Memories05-03-2002
21Cactus: The Wandering Sea26-02-2002
20Yu: The Secret of Gaudium19-02-2002
19Ai: Meeting with Clear12-02-2002
18Madoushi: The Battle of Kiri and Kumo05-02-2002
17Frog: The Smallest Great Adventure29-01-2002
16Kigen Summon: Behind the Smile22-01-2002
15Jane: The Moving Ocean Puzzle15-01-2002
14Omega: Reunion and Departure08-01-2002
13Meteor: Abominable Memory25-12-2001
12Fungus: Eternal Life18-12-2001
11Ciel: The Departure of Chocobo11-12-2001
10Mansion: The Memory of Sagiso04-12-2001
9Oscar: The Endless Project27-11-2001
8Soil: The Heart of the Magun20-11-2001
7Subway: Enemy of the Dimensional Tunnel13-11-2001
6Kigen Arts: The Saviour of Souls06-11-2001
5Cid: The Adventure of the Underground Waterway30-10-2001
4Makenshi: The White Etude23-10-2001
3Fruit: The Town of Sweet Scent16-10-2001
2Magun: Man of the Black Wind09-10-2001
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