Choujuushin Gravion Zwei

Super Heavy God Gravion Zwei

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Gravion 2, Choujuushin Gravion 2, Choujuushin Gravion Two, Choujyuushin Gravion Tsuvai, Gravion - Partie 2, Gravion Two, Gravion Zwei, Super Heavy God Gravion 2, Super Heavy God Gravion Two, Super Heavy God Gravion Zwei, g2, ちょうじゅうしんぐらびおんつばい, 超重神グラヴィオンツヴァイ, Choujuushin Gravion Zwei
Genres: Shounen, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Comedy, Mecha
Rating: 6.66 (3,073)
Episodes: 12
After Gravion was able to use its ultimate attack, the Zeravire threat seemed to have temporary stopped. However when it rises back up all of a sudden, the Earth Gult and its trump card, the super robot Gravion, is needed to defend this world again. All this while, the EFA is planning to create their own weapons to counter the Zeravire, the Grand Trooper. Now as they attempt to fend off the Zeravire, the people of the Earth Gult and EFA must protect their future as well as confront their pasts, and unveil the mysteries of the Zeravire.

(Source: ANN)
PrequelChoujuushin Gravion TV Series

Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
12The Spirital Song of Victory26-03-2004
11Creation Star Machine19-03-2004
10The Sun`s Flames12-03-2004
9The Crimson Fang05-03-2004
8When Gravity Becomes Weak27-02-2004
7The Shattered Goddess20-02-2004
6Lamenting Rosario13-02-2004
5The Dream Solitary Isle06-02-2004
4From the Bottom of the Wave30-01-2004
3Passionate Fight! Gravi Onsen!!23-01-2004
2Elegant Reunion16-01-2004
1Super Heavy God, Second Coming09-01-2004
S1Episode XX
S2Extra 1: Combination Sequence
S3Extra 2: Combination Sequence

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