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블라스레이터, Blassreiter, BLASSREITER -genetic-, Bālais Motobraucējs, ぶらすれいたー, ブラスレイター, 蒼色騎士
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi
Rating: 6.95 (24,396)
Episodes: 24
Modern Germany is plagued by an outbreak of "Amalgams." Existing solely to wreak havoc, these cybernetic entities spawn from rotting flesh and can fuse with technology to gain new abilities. With society left in the wake of their destruction, the Xenogenesis Assault Team (XAT) is formed to suppress the threat. Alongside its primary mission to protect against the Amalgam attacks, the organization is also researching the newly discovered "amalgamated" humans which possess rational thought and are far deadlier than their non-sentient counterparts.

Joseph Jobson is one such amalgamated human who has full control over his powers. Although successful in his line of work as a lone warrior, an unfortunate encounter with the recently-turned-Amalgam Gerd Frentzen makes him a priority target of the XAT. As he eludes the organization and seeks new allies, Joseph is transformed into the Blassreiter—a being heralded as the strongest Amalgam in existence. Now, he must fight back with his newfound powers to uncover the truth behind not only his past, but also the entire Amalgam conflict.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
24Promised Land28-09-2008
23Scorched Earth21-09-2008
22Drifting Hearts14-09-2008
21Phantom Rider07-09-2008
20Legion from the Netherworld31-08-2008
19Quondam Affections17-08-2008
18The Fourth Apocalypse10-08-2008
17Bellow of the Beast03-08-2008
15The Millenary Knights of God20-07-2008
14A Saintly Decision13-07-2008
13Distant Memories06-07-2008
12Judgment Day29-06-2008
S1Blassreiter Navigator22-06-2008
11Prelude to Apocalypse15-06-2008
10Inside the Conspiracy08-06-2008
9The Price and the Meaning of Power01-06-2008
8Weak No Longer25-05-2008
7At the Ends of Hatred18-05-2008
6The Song that Pities the Demon11-05-2008
5The Disdained04-05-2008
4Under Siege27-04-2008
3The Infection Spreads20-04-2008
2The Price of Glory13-04-2008
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