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Bakugan Kaujas Cīnītāji, Bakugan Savascilari, Bakugan Szörny Bunyósok, Bakugan: Młodzi wojownicy, Бакуган, בקוגן, Бакуган. Отчаянные бойцы, Бакуган: Бойци в действие, باكوغان, บาคุกัน มอนสเตอร์บอลทะลุมิติ, ばくがんばとるぶろーらーず, 爆丸バトルブローラーズ, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Bakugan - Spieler des Schicksals, Bakugan, Bakugan Guerreiros Da Batalha, Bakuganas
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Game
Rating: 6.31 (41,949)
Episodes: 52
Mysterious cards came down from the sky one day. Capable of summoning powerful creatures from another dimension, they became the centerpiece of a new game called Bakugan. The game gained instant popularity among children and teenagers, with the best of them competing in a worldwide ranking.

Meanwhile, war for domination over Vestroia, the homeland of Bakugan cards, rages on. Invaded by the White Dragon Naga and his servants, the Doom Beings, the realm becomes increasingly destabilized. Dimensions begin to merge and many Bakugan players come to realize that their pastime is not merely a game.

Danma Kuusou, one such Bakugan player, intends to become the World Ranking's leader someday. However, during one of his fights he experiences a vision of a clash in Vestroia. The fight suddenly moves to Earth, where Danma comes into possession of a talking, mighty fire Bakugan, Pyrus Dragonoid.

He soon gets dragged into the conflict, and together with his Bakugan Brawlers team, must traverse the dimensions and restore balance in a ravaged world.

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SequelBakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia TV Series
OtherBaku Tech! Bakugan TV Series
OtherBakugan: Battle Planet TV Series

Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S1Alice Gets Schooled23-04-2008
51Game Over27-03-2008
50The Final Brawl20-03-2008
49The Good, the Bad and the Bakugan13-03-2008
48Showdown in Wardington06-03-2008
47R is for Revenge28-02-2008
46There`s Mud in Your Eye21-02-2008
45The One Hit Wonders14-02-2008
44Ground Control to Major Dan!07-02-2008
43It`s a Long Shot31-01-2008
42Next Stop Naga-Ville24-01-2008
41The Race to Vestroia17-01-2008
40A Fish Called Taygen10-01-2008
39Masquerade Unmasked27-12-2007
38Behind the Mask of Masquerade20-12-2007
37You Say You Want an Evolution13-12-2007
36Show Me What You`ve Got06-12-2007
35Dan`s Last Stand29-11-2007
34Home Sweet Home22-11-2007
33You`re Going Down, Clown15-11-2007
32Play Nice Runo08-11-2007
31A Place Far from Home01-11-2007
30I am Marucho Hear Me Roar25-10-2007
29Nightmare in Doomsville18-10-2007
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