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Bakugan: Armored Alliance, Bakugan Armored Alliance, Bakugan Battle Planet 2, 爆丸アーマードアライアンス
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Game
Rating: 5.64 (447)
Episodes: 52
Second season of Bakugan: Battle Planet.
PrequelBakugan: Battle Planet TV Series
SequelBakugan: Geogan Rising TV Series


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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
52Haavik`s Final Show / Miracle Planet02-01-2021
51Awesome Brawlers vs. Haavik / Their Fights01-01-2021
50Haavik`s Challenge / Storm Haavik`s Tower!26-12-2020
49The AB Bakugan Battle League! Part 1 / The AB Bakugan Battle League! Part 225-12-2020
48Tiko`s Back?! / Arise, Ultimate Infinity!19-12-2020
47The Eclipse / Follow Haavik!18-12-2020
46In the Darkness / Indecisive Emily12-12-2020
45Ancient Golden Bakugan Garillion / The Name of Infinity11-12-2020
43The Awesome Burger Brawl / Master and Apprentice04-12-2020
42Everett`s Trap / Kazami Vs. Mc Q28-11-2020
41Bakugan Battle Circus / Ebony Manor27-11-2020
40Who`s the Fake?! / Trouble Busters! 221-11-2020
39Dusk Industries Under Attack / Taking Dan Back20-11-2020
38Nightmare / Bad Dan14-11-2020
37Golden Bakugan Encounter / Ties of Gold07-11-2020
44Bakugan Uproar / The Fusion Bakugan Sabrus05-11-2020
36The Past Revealed / Run! A Storm`s on the Way31-10-2020
35Once More into the Maze / Grandpas in the Wild24-10-2020
34Beastie Team Battle / Ajit and Lia17-10-2020
33Champion of the Universe, Dan! / Operation Babysitter10-10-2020
32The Tokyo Catastrophe / Bakugan Battle League Finale03-10-2020
31The Bakugan Battle League Dash / The Final Stage26-09-2020
30The Other Fight, Part 1 / The Other Fight, Part 219-09-2020
29The Second Stage Begins / Mechanoids Attack!12-09-2020
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