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ARIA The ORIGINATION, 水星领航员 第3季 ~ The ORIGINATION, 아리아 디 오리지네이션, Aria the Origination, Aria Season 3, Aria The Origination, Aria4, Aria: The Origination, Ария: Оригиналът, ありあじおりじねーしょん, アリア The ORIGINATION, アリア ジ オリジネーション
Genres: Shounen, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life, Fantasy
Rating: 🔥 8.54 (23,607)
Episodes: 13
In the 24th century on the planet Aqua, three girls—Akari Mizunashi, Alice Carroll, and Aika S. Granzchesta—continue to work hard toward achieving their goal of becoming Prima Undines: professional tour guide gondoliers. Luckily, the girls have the guidance of the three best Prima Undines in Neo-Venezia—Alicia Florence, Athena Glory, and Akira E. Ferrari—who are known as the "Water Fairies" in honor of their skill. With their help, the young apprentices train hard and work to overcome any situations that they find themselves in.

Aria The Origination follows the hardships and daily lives of these three young girls, who are doing their best to improve as tour gondoliers in Neo-Venezia, a terraformed replica of Venice.

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PrequelAria the OVA: Arietta OVA
SequelAria the Avvenire OVA
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Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S8Picture Drama 7: Together With Spring...24-10-2008
S7Picture Drama 6: Akatsukin-chan25-09-2008
S6Picture Drama 5: Alice`s Ghost Story22-08-2008
S5Picture Drama 4: The Disgrace of Neo-Venezia25-07-2008
S1In That Secret Little Place...25-06-2008
S4Picture Drama 3: Aiming for that Glorious Victory...25-06-2008
S3Picture Drama 2: Traghetto Epilogue23-05-2008
S2Picture Drama 1: Pajama Party25-04-2008
13To That New Beginning...01-04-2008
12Embraced by That Blue Sea and Wind...25-03-2008
11Those Ever-Changing Days...18-03-2008
10The Excitement on That Moon-Gazing Night...11-03-2008
9Surrounded By That Orange Wind...04-03-2008
8The Memories of That Precious Person...26-02-2008
7In That Gently Passing Time...19-02-2008
6That Wonderful Extracurricular Lesson...12-02-2008
5That Keepsake Clover...05-02-2008
4Those Who Aim for Tomorrow...29-01-2008
3Those Feelings Within...22-01-2008
2That Smiling Customer...15-01-2008
1That Imminent Spring Breeze...08-01-2008

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