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Amagami, AmagamiSS, Нежный укус в ухо, Солодкий поцілунок, 圣诞之吻SS, 甜蜜吻痕SS, 아마가미 SS
Genres: School, Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy
Rating: 7.38 (119,252)
Episodes: 25
Two years ago, Junichi Tachibana had a date on Christmas Eve but was stood up instead. Since then, he has had a hard time showing others his true feelings in fear of being rejected again. However, as luck would have it, Junichi may have a second chance at love when he meets several girls whom he becomes romantically interested in: Haruka Morishima, the energetic and popular upperclassman with a love for cute things; Kaoru Tanamachi, his childhood friend who harbors secret feelings for him; Sae Nakata, the timid transfer student who is shy around men; Ai Nanasaki, a girl on the swim team who has a bad first impression of Junichi; Rihoko Sakurai, a childhood friend with a love for sweets; and Tsukasa Ayatsuji, a seemingly perfect class representative who has a hidden dark side. As Christmas Eve approaches, Junichi can only hope that this will be the year he will finally spend the holidays with the one he truly loves.

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SequelAmagami SS Plus TV Series
📗 Amagami - Precious Diary

Released episodes:

EpTitleAir Date
S3Nanasaki Ai Chapter / Sakurai Rihoko Chapter / Ayatsuji Tsukasa Chapter05-08-2011
S10Ai, Rihoko, Tsukasa Side Cast Comment: Yukana (Nanasaki Ai)05-08-2011
S11Ai, Rihoko, Tsukasa Side Cast Comment: Shintani Ryouko (Sakurai Rihoko)05-08-2011
S12Ai, Rihoko, Tsukasa Side Cast Comment: Nazuka Kaori (Ayatsuji Tsukasa)05-08-2011
S13Ai, Rihoko, Tsukasa Side Cast Comment: Maeno Tomoaki (Tachibana Jun`ichi)05-08-2011
S2Morishima Haruka Chapter / Tanamachi Kaoru Chapter / Nakata Sae Chapter11-06-2011
S4Haruka, Kaoru, Sae Side Cast Comment: Maeno Tomoaki (Tachibana Jun`ichi)11-06-2011
S5Haruka, Kaoru, Sae Side Cast Comment: Itou Shizuka (Morishima Haruka)11-06-2011
S6Haruka, Kaoru, Sae Side Cast Comment: Satou Rina (Tanamachi Kaoru)11-06-2011
S7Haruka, Kaoru, Sae Side Cast Comment: Konno Hiromi (Nakata Sae)11-06-2011
S8Haruka, Kaoru, Sae Side Cast Comment: Asumi Kana (Tachibana Miya)11-06-2011
S9Haruka, Kaoru, Sae Side Cast Comment: Nakata Jouji (Narration)11-06-2011
S1Miya Tachibana: Little Sister29-04-2011
S14Asumi Kana as Miya Discussion: Jun`ichi and Heroines` Memories of Love29-04-2011
25Risa Kamizaki: The Truth24-12-2010
24Tsukasa Ayatsuji: Final Episode - Promise17-12-2010
23Tsukasa Ayatsuji: Episode 3 - Pride10-12-2010
22Tsukasa Ayatsuji: Episode 2 - Hidden Side03-12-2010
21Tsukasa Ayatsuji: Episode 1 - Discoveries26-11-2010
20Rihoko Sakurai: Final Episode - Goodbyes19-11-2010
19Rihoko Sakurai: Episode 3 - Succession12-11-2010
18Rihoko Sakurai: Episode 2 - Assistance05-11-2010
17Rihoko Sakurai: Episode 1 - Memories29-10-2010
16Ai Nanasaki: Final Episode - Confessions22-10-2010
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[EMBER] Amagami SS (2010-2012) (Season 1-2+SP) [BDRip] [1080p HEVC 10 bits] (Amagami SS & Amagami SS+ Plus)
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[DB] Amagami SS [10bit BD1080p][HEVC-x265]
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[Hi10] Amagami SS Complete Batch [10bit BD1080p]
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[NoobSubs] Amagami SS 01-26 (720p Blu-ray 8bit AAC MP4)
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[youshikibi] Amagami SS Short Animations - 1&2 (DVD 720x480 h264 AAC)
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[DarkLegends] Amagami SS Special 01 - 06 [720p]
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[AFFTW] Amagami SS OVA - 02 [480p][09DAE175].mkv
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[AFFTW] Amagami SS OVA - 01 [480p][C0838038].mkv
154.0 MiB2011-06-17---
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