Animek/Comick Roadmap

You can check Animek/Comick roadmap on the page: It will take months to add implement these features. Bookmark Animek/Comick, visit daily and send emails for me to improve the site. 😀

Bug Fixes

The below method is not work for now. Someone will catch strange bugs on Animek in recent days I always monitor this, but it could not quick enough. You can check if the bug was fixed at the bottom of the homepage: Edit: Currently, I can’t show build time for now because tech limitation. You can… Continue reading Bug Fixes

Animek Introdution

Animek Introdution is the anime calendar and combined other features as: Direct link to other popular stream and wiki anime sites. It is easier to see and go directly to torrent sites. As a calendar, animek looks good on all screen sizes like the mobile browsers. Quick search for anime info. Animek continues to… Continue reading Animek Introdution